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6 open house ideas for successful real estate agents | Totally Inspired

Finding effective open house ideas for real estate is crucial in today’s competitive housing market.

The housing market has experienced a lot of ups and downs across the U.S. in recent years. It’s more important than ever to impress clients and seal the deal.

Give yourself that extra edge with our ideas for open houses and customized real estate swag! You’ll increase brand recognition by placing your logo on every giveaway item. Add a real estate slogan for a truly unique and fun experience.

6 open house ideas to attract buyers

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Your No. 1 priority must be to ensure the property is prepared for open house traffic. Most would-be home buyers look at a median of eight homes and three of those are viewed exclusively online. Great first impressions are imperative!

Here are a few open house ideas and tips to make your debut in a competitive market:

1. Clean up the house and make it cozy

Potential buyers may drive away if the curb appeal doesn’t draw them in.  In a study, 17 percent of Realtors® said good landscaping maintenance is instrumental in helping them sell properties.

Make sure the yard is mowed and all walkways are clean and free of debris. Always have the home’s interior thoroughly cleaned and smelling fresh before the event. If there are any issues with existing furniture, use covers, pillows or another type of décor to make them less noticeable.

Don’t be afraid to hire a local staging business to help make a great impression. According to a recent survey, 82 percent of agents said buyers could better visualize a property as their own home when it was staged by a professional.

2. Declutter and depersonalize

Real estate agents recommend decluttering a home 93 percent of the time for best results. They also suggest depersonalizing a seller’s home 68 percent of the time. 

Ask the seller to pack away their collections, photos, hobby tools, sports memorabilia and religious items. The home should appeal to the widest audience possible! If the space isn’t neutral, buyers may not be able to imagine themselves living at the property.

Consider putting away any valuables as well. You and the seller should be solely focused on showing off the house and making the sale.

3. Check the forecast 

If possible, schedule your big event on good weather days. Open houses are most successful on sunny afternoons! The interior will look better with sunlight shining through. It also will give you an excellent opportunity to show off the yard.

Insurance professionals also recommend open houses in good weather to prevent hazards to visitors and possible property damage. Bad weather tends to minimize crowds at open houses anyway.

4. Host a contest with prizes

Give potential buyers another reason to stop by your open house by hosting a contest. Have each visitor fill out a card with their name and contact info for a chance at a door prize.

It will be a memorable event for guests and you will get everyone’s information for follow-ups.

A few open house prize ideas include gift cards to local restaurants, customized tech items, tools, promotional keychains and kitchenware with your real estate company’s logo.

5. Hand out promotional items for real estate 

Real estate agents are one of the top buyers of promotional products. Place real estate promotional items and informational flyers near the front of the home where visitors enter.

Realtor® promotional items are perfect for showing your appreciation to visitors and growing your professional brand. Simply customize your real estate swag, such as personalized tape measures and business card magnets, with your name and phone numbers. Potential buyers will have the information they need to check out all your home listings and contact you later!

You can also give real estate giveaways as closing gifts to clients. The National Association of REALTORS® found that 53 percent of people will use the same real estate agent the next time they buy or sell a house. Use that to your advantage by keeping your brand visible to them daily!

Real estate giveaway ideas

real estate promotional items for open house

Custom cups

Have refreshments on hand in drinkware printed with your logo! Choose custom disposable cups for easy cleanup, printed paper cups for hot drinks and stadium cups with your logo they can take home.

Customized cups are available in over 15 product colors to match your real estate company’s logo or theme. Free delivery is also available on most styles!

Bulk candy and snacks

It’s always a thoughtful idea to have customized mints, chocolates or promo snack mixes to hand out to potential homebuyers.

Shop our great selection at Totally Promotional for many edible treats such as bulk-priced cookies, popcorn and gum.

Promotional tote bags

Everyone can use a handy tote bag! Open house guests will use them for grocery shopping or trips to the gym or beach. Everyone who sees these personalized tote bags will also view your logo. It’s a perfect branding opportunity for you.

Totally Promotional has tote bags in sizes small to extra-large. Check out our bestselling polypropylene or cotton bags.

Custom keychains

Custom keychains are a popular real estate swag idea to help clients keep track of their new house keys! Buy in bulk to save money and have plenty on hand for future open house events.

Order attractive key tags, sophisticated engraved keychains or any of our amazing styles. We also have many multifunctional keychains with beer openers, flashlights and carabiners.

Promotional coasters

Custom coasters with your name and contact information are a must if you’re serving beverages during the open house. Visitors will be encouraged to use them as they wander the home. Encourage them to take them along when leaving.

Coasters at Totally Promotional come in various materials such as cork, pulpboard, stone and foam. Your full-color or one-color logo is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Promo mugs

Make all your open house guests feel at home by giving them a cup of coffee in a personalized mug to take with them. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and be reminded of your services for years to come.

Check out the many product colors and styles we offer to accent your brand. We have durable ceramic, budget-friendly plastic and portable travel mugs.

6. Spread the word

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Let people know in advance about your real estate open house to increase traffic. Hang custom banners in high-traffic areas leading to the home to reach the most prospects.  

Send out mailed invitations or advertise to potential buyers online! Post the information on social media at least two weeks in advance.

Be sure to inform neighbors to the property about the upcoming open house. It’s a courtesy they’ll appreciate so they can plan for the extra traffic and noise. Your kindness and professionalism might also make them a new client someday!

Prepare early for open house success

We hope these tips for an open house help you find the perfect buyer for your next property. Be sure to order promotional items for Realtors® at Totally Promotional very soon so you are ready for your big event!

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