Tying the knot soon? Show your creativity and kindness with DIY wedding favors for guests.

Today’s brides and grooms want DIY guest favors that are cute, easy to make and affordable. Yes, it’s easier to just buy everything store-bought. But adding your own touch to your guest favors makes them special and can save you money.

Each hand-crafted item you give friends and relatives should reflect your style and unique personality. So where do you find inspiration for DIY wedding favors? Right here, of course!

Our mission at Totally Wedding Koozies is to help make your big day the best ever. So I created a list of the most adorable, affordable and simple DIY wedding favors! And there’s no need to drive all over town for hard-to-find materials. I focused on simplicity.

I also threw in wedding favor ideas that combine DIY and store-bought. It’s a happy balance for busy couples who want guest favors with a personal feel and minimal hassle.

You’re going to love these!

7 best DIY wedding favor ideas for 2022

Here’s my roundup of the top DIY wedding favor ideas for the new year. I kept cost in mind because I know many couples are working hard to keep within their wedding day budget. The average wedding cost in 2020 was $19,000, according to Business Insider. That’s a lot!

Browse these useful wedding favors, save money and get inspired!

1. Succulent in a cup

wedding favor succulent in a cup

Plant a special memory for your guests! Finding healthy, low-cost succulents may be the toughest part of this DIY wedding favor project. Ask your favorite greenhouse if they give discounts on large orders. You can also take a look at A Few Shortcuts for suggested places to buy.

Although you can place your succulents in just about any type of small cup, I advise keeping it simple by ordering 9 oz. bulk frosted cups customized with your names, wedding date or favorite saying. This adds the right amount of personalization to your wedding day.

Choose basic succulent or African violet soil mix and start planting. That’s it!

Cute saying to include: Watch our love grow!

2. Cone-u-Copia

candy filled wedding favor

Here’s a Hersheyland idea that I truly love (and not just because it involves my favorite food: chocolate.) It’s promoted as a Thanksgiving party favor but I think it’s a perfect gift for wedding guests! Just fill a waffle cone with individually wrapped chocolate candies, place it in a goodie bag, and tie it off with a ribbon.

This is an inexpensive DIY wedding favor that can be made quickly to gift hundreds of guests.

Cute saying to include: Let’s be sweet together

3. Hangover Helper

hangover grab bag for wedding favors

A hangover kit can be a real lifesaver if your guests had too much to drink, very little sleep or danced the night away. And like the other ideas in this list, it’s a quick DIY idea!

Use small gift boxes, totes or favor bags to stuff with a variety of hangover fixes. My favorite type of container is our Celebration Mini Tote Bag, which can be customized in color and design to accent your wedding theme.

Fill each box or bag with items such as headache meds, bottled water, lip balm, sunglasses, a Starbucks gift card, granola bar and breath mints. Add a sweet bow and you’re ready to go! Your guests will thank you multiple times.

Cute saying to include: Hangovers last a day; memories last forever

4. For the love of cookies

custom wedding paper bags with cookies

Cookies in bags. Can it be more simple? Choose a local baker or pastry chef who can whip up large batches of delicious cookies for special events. Select a popular type of cookie, such as chocolate chip, to be fresh and ready to go a day or two before your wedding.

Place each cookie in a treat bag with a small “thank-you” tag attached. Save even more time and order customized wedding treat bags printed with a thank-you message. A classic style for gifting cookies is our Petite White Wedding Goodie Bag.

Cute saying to include: A sweet ending to a new beginning

5. His & Hers

his and hers wedding treat handouts

This is a great way to establish what’s his and what’s hers! Buy your favorite candies and your significant other’s in bulk (think warehouse stores and outlets) and put a nice portion in small bags. Place a handmade or printed sticker on each bag that states “His Favorite” or “Her Favorite.”

Be sure each bag holds about the same amount of goodies. Clear bags are more inviting and will help guests quickly decide which type of candy to choose. Another option: Use our popular White Wedding Goodie Bags and identify the candy in each with a small tag.

Cute saying to include: Sweet wishes from the Mr. & Mrs.

6. Share your music faves

personalized cd holders for wedding giveaways

Give your guests an insight into your favorite songs, including the ones you chose for your wedding. Your handmade “mixed tape” CD makes a nice keepsake for your friends and relatives.

Free People has a fun and gorgeous way to share your playlist with your guests. The gist of it is making a list of the songs, creating a CD holder with thick paper, some cutting, gluing and folding.

You can decorate the outside of your CD wedding favor any way you’d like! If your guest count is low and you’re the artsy type, a personal design on each is like icing on the cake! For an easy out, use a stamp, sticker or thank-you card.

Cute saying to include: Love is friendship set to music

7. Lucky in love

scratch-off lottery ticket wedding favors

This may be my all-time favorite DIY wedding favor idea! It also may be the cheapest guest favor on the list.

You’ll need $1 scratch-off lottery tickets, envelopes (transparent is best!) and a sticker to place on the front. Wedding Chicks suggest adding a penny that was minted in the year of your wedding. That seems like a big challenge but if you have the time … go for it!

Cute saying to include: We gotta lotta love to share

Visit us for expert wedding favor ideas

Our custom and blank wedding products are often used to create low-cost DIY guest favors. But we know how quickly time can slip away. Sometimes it’s best to choose the wedding favors you love and let the professionals print them. That’s where we come in.

Totally Wedding Koozies has thousands of options for guest favors and party supplies. We carry the most popular colors and styles to match any wedding theme including winter favors! With hundreds of design templates to customize, you can easily create wedding favors that are as unique as you.

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