Surprise your guests with our charming baby shower favor ideas!

Mommy-to-be is the star of the party but her guests need to feel welcome and appreciated. Give them a big thank-you with cute DIY baby shower favors!

If you have no time for personal creativity, you’ll love the click-and-order favor options.

Loufah & Bath Salt Cupcakes

DIY baby shower party favor ideas
Image source: The Frosted Petticoat

These gorgeous baby shower favors look much too pretty to use! Sam Temsah-Deniskin of The Frosted Petticoat gives easy step-by-step instructions for the faux cupcakes. Top off their cuteness with a sign that says, “From my shower to yours!”

How to make it:

Baby Suck-ulents

succulent baby shower favors
Image source: The Succulent Source

Unlike newborns, these 2.5-inch Rosette Succulents are easy to care for. The Succulent Source will ship you the potted plants in the style and color of pot you want. Tie a small ribbon around each for extra pizzazz. Suggested display sign: “Watch me grow!” (My love of plants makes this one of my top baby shower favor ideas!)

Where to buy: The Succulent Source

Custom hand sanitizer

Baby Shower Hand Sanitizer Favors

Babies need protection from germy hands! This DIY favor idea doesn’t require a lot of explanation or direction. Simply order customized hand sanitizer and display the bottles near a chalkboard with a sweet message. We prefer our homespun definition of “baby” as shown in the image. (Feel free to hack it!)

Where to buy: Totally Promotional

Foamy Mug Stress Reliever

Hand these adorable Foamy Mug Stress Relievers to all your baby shower guests and let the squeezing begin! New parents know that a foamy mug or three can be just the remedy after a long day caring for a new baby. These also can be handed out at backyard BBQs, tailgating parties or even the baby’s first birthday party!

Where to buy: Totally Promotional

Ready to Pop!

popcorn baby shower favors ideas
Image source:

Popcorn baby shower favors are just the ticket for a “Ready to Pop!” party theme. For the container, I personally love the look of customized Mason jars since you don’t have to mess with labels! If you need to affix labels, Totally Promotional has customizable stickers in lots of shapes and sizes. If you prefer, you can use free printables like those found on Totally Promotional’s Baby Shower Favors & More! Pinterest board.

A similar idea is to customize popcorn boxes for beautiful guest favors!

Where to buy Mason jars: Totally Promotional
Where to buy stickers: Totally Promotional

Personalized baby shower favors

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

We know how hectic it can be to plan a baby shower. Invitations, decorations, games … the tasks can be overwhelming.

Give yourself a break and let Totally Promotional create your favors! Browse our Baby Shower Favors page for popular colors and low minimum order quantities on party cups, customized can coolers, printed coasters, napkins, hand sanitizer, custom lip balm and more! Choose from more than 20 baby shower designs or submit your own.

Where to buy: Totally Promotional

We love our precious bundles!

Totally Promotional Babies

Babies are a big deal at Totally Promotional. We have lots of newlyweds and young mothers on our staff so babies are the topic of conversation most days! Welcoming a new life into the world is exciting and sharing the moments with those you love is the best!

I’m certain one of these baby shower favor ideas will work for you. Happy planning and enjoy your party!

Thank your crew with a durable, custom mug!

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