Campaign giveaways are highly effective and a smart choice for political candidates. It immediately puts your name and message in the minds of constituents. Voters are much more likely to remember you on Election Day.

Campaign merchandise offers several benefits that other strategies can’t beat.

Disclaimers are often not required to be printed on political campaign products. That means you can skip those “Paid for by …” sentences. You can feature your name in highly visible fonts and colors and tell voters exactly what you want them to know. This brings clarity and transparency to your political campaign.

red aluminum water bottle with political imprint

Billboards and TV advertisements are used by many political candidates to grab public attention. But these types of promotions are costly and can greatly cut into your campaign budget. They can also feel less personal and are easily missed by your targeted audience.

Political promotional items get your message directly into the hands of voters. They are as beneficial as a door-to-door campaign strategy without the work.

Order your political promotional products soon to get your campaign underway. You’ll want to have campaign giveaway items available for upcoming public events and when asked to give speeches or debate opponents.

8 best campaign giveaways to secure votes

Let us help you boost your success at the polls! Take a look at our most popular campaign merchandise:

1. Pens

white pen with political imprint

Custom pens are inexpensive products you can hand out to large groups. Many of our styles cost less than 40 cents each. And everyone can use a pen! Voters will see your name every time they use your campaign pens.

Our custom political pens are available in dozens of product colors and many diverse styles. Inexpensive plastic pens and sophisticated metal pens in bulk are both very popular. Our full-color printed pens really grab attention. Enjoy free delivery to the contiguous United States on select styles!

2. T-shirts

burgundy t-shirt with political saying

Personalized tees with your name turn your supporters into walking billboards! Hand out T-shirts as campaign giveaways to your staff, friends and family to get the ball rolling.

All of our T-shirts include free delivery! Select from short– and long-sleeve options, depending on the time of year. Our low minimum quantity of six on most styles lets you order just what you need. Full-color T-shirts capture everyone’s attention!

3. Can coolers and Koozies®

blue political campaign koozie

Give custom can coolers and Koozies® to attendees at rallies, debates, speaking engagements and community events. They’ll take them home as souvenirs and show them off to friends and family. Everyone in their circle will be exposed to your message!

We have foam can coolers, slim can coolers, bottle coolers and other styles. Customize yours in colors to match your political party, theme or campaign. Try our flashy, full-color can coolers!

4. Banners

political go vote banner

Display campaign banners in parades or high-traffic areas in your district to spread the word! We have a variety of finishing options so your banners look great wherever they’re hung.

Our banners come in different sizes and materials, including fabric, 13-oz. and 10-oz. vinyl and mesh, to fit all venues whether inside or outdoors. Double-sided banners grab attention in both directions. You can’t beat the reduced pricing on bulk orders!

5. Drawstring bags

white drawstring bag with johnson for senate political imprint

Bags are an excellent idea for political campaign marketing. They can hold brochures and other promotional products you want to give voters. Give custom drawstring bags away at large community events such as festivals so your logo gets maximum exposure.

Our polyester and tri-color bags are top choices as campaign merch. We have bags in sizes from small to extra-large to stuff with goodies, flyers and other promotional items.

6. Keychains

red keychain with election logo

Custom keychains are fun and functional political promotional items. Voters will enjoy these practical items to keep track of their keys and loyalty cards. You can select from several styles with convenient features such as keychains with bottle openers.

Choose a shaped key tag that matches your individual style or message. Engraved keychains are another option for a long-lasting imprint!

7. Water bottles

blue water bottle for elections

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated. Voters will take your custom water bottles to the gym, store, office or school every single day. This means maximum exposure for your message!

We have customized water bottles for political campaigns that hold 12 to 40 ounces of liquid. Our BPA-free plastic and metal water bottles are sure to impress!

8. Sunglasses

white promotional sunglasses for elections

Your supporters will feel like political celebrities with their own personalized shades! They can wear them all year long and start conversations about your campaign.

Shop our kids’ sunglasses or light-up shades. We have an abundance of material options such as metal, plastic, polypropylene and more!

Political campaign giveaways for victory

Social media has become increasingly important to help political candidates with their campaigns. It is often the only way to reach younger voters. Totally Promotional recommends placing your social media handle on your campaign merchandise to catch their attention!

Another bit of advice is to send small political campaign giveaways in the mail along with literature. Your constituents will learn about your platform and keep your political campaign products as a long-lasting reminder.

Shop promotional products for campaign giveaways and set yourself up for success!

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