Corporate gifts for clients at Christmas should show appreciation and convey a desire to partner in the future.

Client gifts can be difficult to select. You want your associates to feel valued and you need a way to keep them connected to your company. Personalized gifts can do all of that! Start by choosing high-quality items at prices that fit your budget.

How much should you spend on client gifts?

A client gift should be pricier than a promotional pen and cheaper than a Ferrari. Not much help? It’s tricky.

A lot depends on how much business the client does with your company, how long you’ve been associated with them and your personal financial situation. You also must take into account how many clients you plan to gift this Christmas.

No one else can really tell you how much to spend on your client(s). Do the math and weigh each factor. Be sure to document how much you spend annually on each client so it’s easier to make future decisions.

Top 7 corporate gifts for Christmas

You can find many great client gift ideas at Totally Promotional. To help you condense the list, here are the most popular customized corporate gifts for the holiday season:

1. Messenger bags

client gift bags

Give the gift of organization and professionalism with a custom messenger bag or business portfolio. Choose from nearly two dozen colors and color combinations and styles to fit every taste. Minimum quantity is as low as 12.

2. Stainless steel travel mugs

corporate gift travel mug

These look great on a desk, in a vehicle or at the gym! Select from screw-on, sip top, flip top and other lid options. These customized stainless steel travel mugs are made to last. Enjoy two dozen product colors and color combinations and a minimum quantity as low as six.

You also might want to check out our growing selection of customized tumblers!

3. Custom portable chargers

custom portable charger

Who wouldn’t like another portable charger in their life? This may be the most useful gift you can give your clients this year! Lots of styles, accessories and options. Choose from about 20 color combinations. Minimum quantity is as low as 15.

We have plenty of printed tech items to impress your clients!

4. Promotional umbrellas

umbrella business gifts

If your client likes to golf, attend outdoor events or simply walk in the rain, this is a classy gift they’ll enjoy. Select custom umbrellas made from pongee, metal, nylon, polyester, plastic and wood materials in dozens of color combinations. Minimum quantity is as low as 12.

Browse other personalized styles such as golf umbrellas, automatic umbrellas and inverted umbrellas.

5. Client folding chairs

Client Gifts - folding chair

No worries when you give clients a unique, customized folding chair to enjoy. About a dozen popular colors and a variety of styles including beach and cooler chairs. Minimum quantity is as low as 12.

6. Bulk-priced blankets

branded blanket gifts

You’ve got branding covered when you gift clients with custom blankets! These comforting client gifts are available in fleece, lambswool, sherpa and other cuddly materials. Select from over 20 colors and color combinations. Minimum quantity is as low as 12.

Look for blankets with full-color imprints to make your logo pop!

custom earbuds gift

A classy set of custom earbuds with a convenient case and other accessories is always a great client gift idea! With all the devices everyone carries around today, you can’t go wrong with earbuds as a gift. Select from about a dozen earbud and case colors. Minimum quantity is as low as 12.

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