I’m typically not a fan of hot trends but custom foil stamping has my attention.

I’m obsessed with the “old world” look of the shiny pressed foil and the sophistication it brings to wedding napkins and invitations. The appearance and feel of foil-stamped items makes me think of royalty and romantic castles with dreamy knights and beautiful princesses. It’s every bride’s dream!

Falling in love with foil

custom gold foil printing

The wedding industry has embraced the growing popularity of metallic foil printing and the possibilities are endless.

“The metallic trend will be seen in various aspects of a wedding for 2017,” according to Kim Forrest, editor and trend expert at Wedding Wire. “Luxurious metallic touches can be added to invitations, programs, napkins and even personalized coasters. Every detail of a wedding can be personalized.”

Forrest suggested adding an elegant touch to the wedding cocktail hour by placing personalized coasters at each table and foil-stamped napkins near the tray of appetizers. She advised using a simple imprint.

“Having a foil-stamped monogram or (wedding) date is perfect to accent with a saying or the full name of the couple,” Forrest said.

But she cautions brides on overdoing it.

“The foil stamp trend is very rich so stay away from having too much of it on items so as not to overwhelm the eye,” she said.

Elegance at a reasonable cost

metallic gold foil coasters

Despite its high-end look, foil-stamped products can be very affordable. At TotallyPromotional.com, you can order 100 4-inch round pulpboard coasters with a shiny champagne-colored imprint for about $100.

Totally Promotional offers foil-printing services on all its 3-ply napkins and select coasters. Although most people think about foil in gold and silver, we offer a wide variety of gorgeous colors to match every wedding theme.

I personally like the 4-inch square pulpboard wedding coasters with a choice of imprint. Of the dozens of shiny and matte foil colors available, I adore the Matte Hunter Green. I’ve always loved the nature-infused color and it just happens to coordinate with the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year. We have many adorable imprint ideas to choose from and also give customers the option to upload their own unique design.

The history of custom foil stamping

Egyptians used foil-like gold on royal sarcophagus'
Photo Courtesy: wikitravelegypt.blogspot.com/

The art of foil stamping began when the early Egyptians pounded gold to a fine thickness to decorate mummies and coffins. Centuries later, monks created mechanical equipment to hammer gold onto leather-bound book covers. They stamped a design in the leather before flattening the gold and applying it by hand.

Many years later, artists simplified the process by attaching the beaten gold to paper. Heat was then used to remove the gold from the paper and apply it to the stamped imprint. By the 20th century, various types of metallic foils had replaced the more expensive pounded gold.

Our foil-printing method

Foil Stamp Printing

Totally Promotional uses several German-made Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress machines — the best in the industry — to foil stamp beautiful custom images on its premium napkins and coasters. The machine is known as the “Prince of Presses” for its amazing ability and reliability.

How does it work? It uses metal printing plates that hot stamp images and text onto products. A plate with the selected design is placed in the heated print head, the product is positioned beneath and the selected foil is inserted between the two. By using heat and pressure, the image is transferred through the foil and onto the napkin or coaster.

Read more about our foil printing process and its benefits.

Happily ever after

custom foil stamp wedding napkins

Custom foil stamping delivers much more than a fancy imprint. It adds dazzle and a special touch to one of the most important days in a bride and groom’s life.

You can have it all! Well, maybe not the castle, but we’ll help make the rest of your dreams come true! Check out Totally Promotional for all your wedding needs!

— Shelley Grieshop


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