If you think wedding favors are just a thank-you gift for guests, you haven’t heard the Dorman family’s story.

The customized sunglasses Emily and Joshua Dorman used as favors at their wedding last year have become world travelers and the center of a new, family tradition.

It started after the wedding when Emily’s siblings began sharing photos of themselves and their sunglasses in places like Budapest and Disney World. The fun continued throughout the year and kept family members in touch with one another while traveling.

The Dorman family tradition likely will refuel this fall when Emily’s sister, Julia Arnold, says “I do.” She’s already placed her order for wedding sunglasses.

Wedding sunglasses keep the party going

Fun Wedding Sunglasses

Emily, who resides with her husband in Austin, Texas, said the biggest reason she chose sunglasses as wedding favors for her guests was to boost the fun factor at her reception. Her plan worked.

“Guests danced in them all night and took them home after the evening was over,” she said. “They were a huge hit.”

She knew her four siblings, especially her brothers, would love sporting personalized sunglasses at the wedding.

“When my brothers were growing up, they were obsessed with sunglasses,” she explained.

What she didn’t know at the time was how much enjoyment her leftover wedding specs would continue to bring her family and friends a full year later.

Wedding favors hit the road

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Since the wedding in June 2018, Emily’s brothers have taken numerous photos of themselves with their sunglasses in amazing venues such as Prague, Germany, Switzerland, Universal Studios in Florida and Beale Street in Memphis, Tenn. The sunglasses even did some skydiving in Venice!

Emily’s younger brother, Will Arnold, was wearing the wedding sunglasses when he graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., in May. The photos of him in his Service Dress Whites paired with the two-tone, black and white sunglasses are priceless.

Emily and Joshua wore the customized sunglasses on their romantic honeymoon in Bermuda. They continue to wear them on vacations or whenever they need a little sun protection. Because the bulk-priced shades didn’t cost a fortune, they don’t worry about losing them during more strenuous outdoor activities.

An affordable touch of class

Wearing custom sunglasses makes the young couple feel extra special, Emily said.

“We have personalized sunglasses to wear everyday,” she added.

The Dorman wedding favors have extended the good times that began when the couple exchanged vows. Our staff at Totally Promotional hopes their unique sunglasses continue to create good memories for their entire clan. Our Products. Your Story.™

What new tradition will you create with your wedding favors?

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