A simple T-shirt order form can help calm the chaos when buying custom logo apparel for your group or event.

If you’re in charge of ordering custom T-shirts for a soccer team, chamber event or company employees, you know organization is key. Keeping track of everyone’s size, color and quantity choices is critical.

Using a paper T-shirt order form has big benefits. One of the top advantages is the direct control you gain over accuracy. You have the power to review all T-shirt orders ahead of time to ensure your custom apparel order is correct before it is printed.

Use our printable T-shirt order form

It really doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than this! Simply print the free T-shirt order form below to stay organized for that fundraiser or STEM event at school. This PDF template has columns to neatly log the information you’ll need to place your bulk T-shirt order online at Totally Promotional.

You can personally record the entire group’s choices yourself or post the form on a bulletin board for shared access. Another option is to print one T-shirt order form for each person to fill out and return.

Free T-shirt order form template

T-shirt order form image

Go online with a Google Sheets option

If you’re working with a large group or you need to tailor your T-shirt order form to your specific needs, try our free, online Google Sheets T-shirt order form. Just open the file, make a copy of the template to keep or edit, then share it via email with your crew!

Google Sheets is a simple spreadsheet that allows each member of your group to provide the information you need such as names, sizes and phone numbers. All additions and changes to the form are automatically saved and can be tracked by a Revision History feature. A sidebar chat feature allows your group to post questions and comments.

How to place your group T-shirt order

how to order custom t shirts online

After you’ve gathered your group’s information, it’s time to place your T-shirt order. Don’t panic! We’ve made it fast and headache-free, especially when you’ve got all the information totaled and in-hand. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to our Custom Apparel page
  2. Click on “T-Shirts” or whatever type of apparel you need. We have short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, women’s T-shirts and performance T-shirts.
  3. Find the brand and style you need.
  4. In Step 1, fill in the quantities needed for each size. Most have minimums of six. You’ll also be asked to enter your ZIP code and choose production and delivery times.
  5. In Step 2, choose the product color.
  6. In Step 3, select the number of imprint colors and the colors you want for each imprint location.
  7. In Step 4, choose whether to upload your artwork now or email it to us later.
  8. At this point, you can review and edit your Shopping Cart before proceeding to Checkout.

It’s super easy to order when you have your group’s information tallied and at your fingertips. The PDF and Google Sheets T-shirt order forms definitely make the process much smoother.

Trust me when I say you’ll really understand the value of these forms when your order arrives. Distributing the shirts can be a nightmare if you don’t have a form to follow. I suggest placing each T-shirt in a bag with the individual’s name on it. This will make the process go much faster with less chance of errors.

It’s time to “connect your crew”

custom t shirts

Totally Promotional’s new line of custom apparel is competitively priced to fit any budget. Browse through our many styles and popular brands of shirts and logo hats for the office, 5K fundraisers, corporate events and trade shows.

We know that groups of all sizes perform better when they’re united. So what are you waiting for? “Connect your crew,” as our new apparel tagline suggests, and promote long-term success!

We’re ready to help you unite, excite and inspire your crew. For questions about our new apparel items or how to place your order, use our Live Chat or email one of our experienced Customer Service reps at [email protected].

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