Businesses across the globe are making a comeback with marketing ideas that boost visibility. Let’s take a look at how businesses can prosper with promotional products.

Is your company still struggling through a bouncy economy with employment issues? Many small and big companies are feeling the pain.

But all is not gloom and doom. Many hard-hit businesses are finding ways to improve their brand performance and prosper. Promotional products are one of the most affordable branding tools being used.

Read some of the marketing secrets used today:

boost your brand with promotional items

Dive into logo branding

We chose to put our logo on everything … Putting our brand on everything we use, most importantly (things) that are visible such as company shirts, bags and tumblers, make our company look even more professional, helping us reach the retention and brand awareness we are gunning for.

Willie Greer, founder of The Product Analyst

Do a website makeover

While our old website was great … we’d been wanting to do a redesign for quite a while to improve user experience. We felt our audience needed a nice, new change. The design and implementation process actually went quite smoothly, and we’ve received a great response to the new look.

Teri Shern, co-founder of Conex Boxes

After months of losing deposits on parties and not booking new ones, we had to figure something else out. I turned to updating and optimizing my website to better the e-commerce experience, as well as nailing down the private label and wholesale portion of our business to be bigger and better than it was.

Roberta Perry, co-owner of Scrubz Body Scrub

Beef up content

Last year during lockdown, our organic traffic dried up virtually overnight. The company would have been sunk, but we pulled together resources … as we pivoted to a content-first strategy to slowly build our brand and generate leads we could use to entice new customers.

Dan Bailey, president of WikiLawn

Now is the time for a big content marketing push, no matter your industry. Pretty much everything published in 2020 is going to look very dated very soon, with references to a pandemic no one wants to hear about and promotions regarding social distancing and other terms that are quickly becoming passe. The pandemic may not have completely abated, but there’s an entirely new focus in people’s minds and you need to be there for it.

Reuben Yonatan, founder and CEO of GetVoIP
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Collaborate and partner

Now is the moment to think about how to interact with and help individuals outside of your “silo.” This can lead to opportunities to uncover places where partners could help you strengthen a component of your organization … .

Ryan Dalal, CEO and founder of Word to PDF

Look for new opportunities

Opportunities present themselves in every crisis, so be on the lookout for them. You might be able to offer a new service that wasn’t previously available. I know of a coffee business that switched their crepe production from a dine-in location to a drive-through-only location and outsold their previous high sales number!

Jeff Cooper, manager of Messagely

Offer great deals

Give people what they’ve missed at a price they can’t say no to. Get on social media and start using ads to build your list and bring in business.

Joe Wilson, Senior Career Advisor at MintResume

Do you work as a hairstylist? Offer extended hours to accommodate consumers who work the day shift. If you’re a coffee store, do a promotion where the first 25 customers on opening day get a free coffee later. Consumers are eager to leave the house and return to their favorite establishments. Let them know you’re available … and make attractive offers they can’t refuse!

Daniel Foley, SEO Manager at Litta

Increase customer service and empathy

People are jittery at this time because, as a species, we are uneasy with not knowing what the future holds. Increase the number of encounters you have with your customers. … ensure that customers believe your company is genuinely concerned about their health and safety. This is the ideal time to lead with empathy and compassion in your consumer interactions to increase brand loyalty.

Sasha Quail, Business Development Manager of Claims UK
view and create social media content

Create a YouTube channel

By far, the biggest shake up we’ve undertaken to get back on track in 2021 is launching a YouTube channel. We have to meet consumers where they are — namely, video. I genuinely believe building out a robust YouTube channel with a strong community of followers will be key to re-inventing ourselves and having long-term success.

John Ross, founder and CEO of Test Prep Insight

We’ve chosen to focus on video over text with our social media marketing because it tends to get more engagement and offers a bit better ROI compared to traditional text-based ads on social media platforms.

Nunzio Ross of Majesty Coffee

Invest in Facebook ads

The No. 1 way we jumpstart our business is using Facebook advertising for lead generation. Facebook advertising allows us to re-target our audience and show our ads to people who might engage in our content and are more likely to buy from us.

Randy VanderVaate, president and owner of Funeral Funds of America

Go live stream

We started doing live streams through YouTube and Facebook to our local and online customers. They were both educational and commercial in nature. We are now getting about 1,000+ viewers watching our show each time. Not only has it helped to stay connected with our customers, it has generated a ton of sales ($20,000 from our last month’s show) for our business.

Jeff Moriarty, marketing manager of Moriarty’s Gem Art
now hiring banner stand at job fair

Hire, hire, hire

In order to revamp our business, we resumed the hiring process and added key positions — copywriter, sales director and executive assistant — that will help us reach our marketing goals. … When the pandemic began, marketing was the first place we made cuts. Since then, I’ve had time to reassess and am confident that these recent additions will improve our marketing campaigns and ultimately strengthen our business.

Vladimir Gendelman, founder and CEO of Company Folders

Host re-opening events

“When it comes to marketing our business, the goal is to tap into this excitement associated with being open for business. This includes hosting small events that are niche-related to help bring people together.

Sara Bernier, founder of Born for Pets

Jump into Pay Per Click

During the pandemic, PPC prices dropped and it has helped us get more visibility.

Michael Humphreys, founder and CEO of Z Grills of Australia

How can you increase brand visibility?

As you can see from the comments above, businesses are recovering and finding new, old and creative ways to increase visibility and profits. My hope is that one of these great ideas will work for your company or organization.

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Increase brand performance with promotional products

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