How can the same drawstring bag fit a little girl and a grown man? I’m going to show you with a little lesson on how to adjust a drawstring bag to fit anyone.

It’s an easy adjustment with a simple pull-and-knot technique! In less than a minute, your customized drawstring bag will rest comfortably on your back.

No more strings digging into your shoulders or bags hanging low. You can create the perfect fit for everyone!

How to adjust a drawstring bag

Watch and share this video for a quick tutorial:

Follow these four easy steps to adjust your filled bag:

  1. Pull out the nearly hidden string on each side of the bag opening.
  2. Stretch each loop you create until the bag fits comfortably.
  3. Make a knot at the base of each loop.
  4. Tuck the knotted loops inside the bag.
how to adjust drawstring bags

Note: You’ll get a more accurate measure of where to tie the knots if the adjustment is made while wearing the fully packed bag.

Drawstring bags keep us moving

Custom drawstring bags are designed for today’s busy lives. Grab. Fill. Go. They’re ready to store everything from dirty laundry to pet toys. We love their versatility!

You’ll also love the prices, which start at less than $1 each for drawstring bags printed with your unique design. You can order as few as 12!

Our team at Totally Promotional is always searching for ways to enhance your life. So put on your personalized gym sack, cinch bag, string bag or whatever you call it and get moving. We’ve got your back.

get on the go branding with customized bags graphics

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