Bottle openers are devices many people are aware of but may not know much about. However, the idea of using bottle openers for branding has been around for a while!

To give you some insight, I’ve compiled a little history about bottle openers. Our team also put together a fun and helpful tutorial on how to use them. You’re going to love it!

A brief history of bottle openers

William Painter, a Maryland native, created the crown cork cap in 1892. It was the first attempt by anyone at creating a bottle cap. Two years later, Painter patented a bottle opener called the church key cap lifter. According to history, the name “church key” is derived from the original shape of the item. You may still hear people informally call bottle openers “church keys”! 

Painter’s bottle cap design and bottle opener were widely adopted. We use versions of both inventions today!

Typical bottle openers are considered second-class levers for the action they master. They use simple physics to make the difficult task of bending metal (a bottle cap) easy. Innovations like the magnetic bottle opener exist today but the classic version is still very popular. 

Totally Promotional has a variety of standard custom bottle openers for branding that are sure to get the job done. Plus, when printed with your logo they will grab attention for your brand! 

Now, here’s that exciting video I promised!

How to open a bottle cap with promo items 

Custom bottle openers for branding and fun!

Promotional bottle openers are a must-have for any celebration and make awesome guest favors. They open beer bottles and many other types of beverages with crown caps. Your guests or clients will always have an opener handy and your message will get plenty of exposure! 

Bottle openers come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Check out some of our most popular styles:

Handy Bottle Opener Key Rings

handy bottle opener key rings
  • Low minimum order of 12
  • Price starts at less than 75 cents per item
  • Free delivery

Bottle Opener Business Cards

bottle opener business cards with your design here
  • Durable metal construction
  • Less than $1 each
  • Includes extra hole to attach to a keychain
  • Opens non-twist bottles

Collapsible Can Cooler With Bottle Opener

collapsible can cooler with bottle opener with your design here
  • Features a bottle opener keychain
  • Can cooler keeps drinks cold for hours
  • Under $1 each

The staff at Totally Promotional is ready to help you create the ideal custom products for your event. Bottle openers for branding is a good start. Start your order today!

wrap up your summertime branding with bottle coolers

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