Want to add fun and excitement to your customer’s experience? Look no further than mascot stuffed animals!

Whether you are a school, professional team or company, these custom stuffed animals bring smiles to people’s faces. They create lasting memories and boost your word-of-mouth marketing. Your personalized stuffed animals can drive sales and engagement.

Read on to learn why mascot stuffed animals are great advertising investments that help make a big impression on your audience.

Reasons to choose custom stuffed animal mascots

customized alligator stuffed animal on a stadium bench

Here are the top reasons you should customize mascot plush toys for your promotions:


Who can ignore a cute stuffed animal? Customers will immediately see your logo whenever they look at your mascot plush toys.


Our stuffed animals are made with plush, huggable fur. They are an item that any child will adore and hold. These stuffed animals will go everywhere with kids and show off your logo or message.

Fun for all ages

Stuffed animals are often given to kids, but adults appreciate them, too! This is especially true for mascot stuffed animals that represent their favorite team. Give your sports fans memorabilia they will cherish with custom plush toy mascots.


Custom stuffed animal mascots are made with durable cotton and other materials. Fans will cuddle or display them for years while spreading the word about your team or business.


Our custom mascot stuffed animals on keychains show off your brand wherever they go. Your customers can clip them onto bags, keys and other on-the-go items.

Where are the imprints on mascot stuffed animals?

customized tiger stuffed animal with different imprint finishes

Each stuffed mascot at Totally Promotional wears a 100 percent cotton clothing item. They are customized with your logo or special message on the front for high visibility.

We have variations of the animal plushies with bandanas, T-shirts and hoodies. Choose your favorite style to deck out your custom stuffed animal mascots.

Types of custom stuffed animals and mascots

Check out our many amazing animal options for mascot plush toys:

  • Junior Wild Friend Owl: This owl mascot stuffed animal is an excellent gift for your students. The stylish bandana comes in many colors to match your school.
  • Junior Paw Print Pal Bear: Sell this adorable bear in your gift shop! It has a CPSIA-compliant design so children can enjoy it, too.
  • Junior Paw Print Pal Shark: Your fans will cuddle up in the stands with a soft school mascot stuffed animal. Each one shows off your logo to a new audience.
  • Junior Wild Friend Alligator: This huggable 6-inch school mascot stuffed animal is great for your golf course. Enjoy a low minimum of 50 for your order.
  • Junior Wild Friend Ram: Looking for a gift for new parents at your hospital? Mom and dad can take this adorable ram home so their children can cherish it as they grow up.
  • Bean Bag Buddy Bulldog: The bulldog mascot stuffed animal is great for giveaways before big games. It will help boost school pride and bring everyone closer together.
  • Junior Wild Friend Bull: Check out this mascot stuffed animal for visitors at your farm. The shiny eyes will melt the hearts of your customers.
  • Junior Wild Friend Lion: Make your zoo a community name with this lion stuffed animal. The custom shirt will proudly show off your logo.
  • Bean Bag Buddy Eagle: Soar above your competition with our eagle mascot stuffed animal. This mascot plush toy is great for marketing U.S. businesses and animal sanctuaries.
  • Wild Bunch Key Tag Horse: This plushy is the perfect gift for horse owners at your stables. Select from over 10 bright product colors.
  • Wild Bunch Key Tag Tiger: Your customers can show their stripes with this custom mascot stuffed animal. Each one has plush fur draws attention to your design on the T-shirts.
  • Wild Bunch Key Tag Wolf: Grow your business with this custom plush toy mascot! Since it’s on a sturdy keychain, your brand name will travel with customers.
  • Junior Wild Friend Beaver: Our cuddly custom stuffed animal mascot is just what your campus store needs! These lovable beavers are 6 inches tall and easily fit on a shelf or in a child’s arms.
  • Mascots Cat: Cat lovers everywhere will adore these cute mascot toys. Hand them out at your vet clinic to new clients. They will remember you and become loyal customers.

Popular events for custom mascot stuffed animals

custom beaver stuffed animal  with bandana

Get the most out of your custom products by handing them out at your events. Here are the top places to find success with custom plush toy mascots:

Trade shows

Mascot stuffed animals with keychains draw crowds as giveaways at trade shows. It’s an effective way to put your name and logo into the hands of future clients.

Spirit week

Custom mascot stuffed animals will boost school pride during your celebrations! These plush toys will make everyone feel like they are a part of your community.

College fairs

Attract potential students to your university with school mascot stuffed animals. Mascot stuffed animals are just another way to get students excited about your school.


Custom stuffed animals and mascots are great welcome gifts for your staff. They can use them to decorate their desk work center. Mascot plush gifts are a constant reminder that you appreciate them.


Make new business connections with custom plush toy mascots! They can bring them home to their families and make your brand a household name.

Zoo family days

Custom plush toy mascots are affordable souvenirs that families will grab for their children. The stuffed animals will remind visitors of the great time they had at your zoo and encourage return visits.

Check out our other stuffed animal categories:

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