Customized lighters are one of those items everyone eventually needs.

They are handy tools for lighting birthday candles and BBQ grills. Lighters are much more than nostalgic items; their value lies in their usefulness. That’s why cheap promotional lighters can be found in nearly every home today.

It only makes sense to include custom lighters in your marketing and branding efforts. Promotional products with logos, especially practical items such as custom ZIPPO® lighters, are kept five to 10 years! Those custom ZIPPO® lighters will bring long-term advertising for a minimal investment.

Totally Promotional recently added metal, plastic and rubber custom lighters to its growing selection of products! But first we did our research to ensure our customers get quality lighters at a reasonable price.

So here’s some history and tips on how custom ZIPPO® lighters and other types can fire up your branding!

When were lighters made popular?

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Variations of lighters have been around for centuries, but producing fire with a flick of your finger became popular in the early 20th century.

The history of lighters began with an odd-looking contraption invented in 1823 by German chemist and professor Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner. His lamp, or “tinderbox” as it was called, worked by the reaction of zinc and dilute sulphuric acid to create hydrogen. It was a big hit!

The design, chemical substance and look of the lighter evolved over the decades. One of the most well-known prototypes was the Pist-O-Liter, which was produced by Ronson in 1910. It looked like a pistol; its long-barrel shape allowed sparks into hard-to-reach places. In 1926, Ronson created the first automatic pocket lighter, the Banjo. It closely resembled lighters of today, which require only a flick of a button to ignite.

The most famous lighter in the world — the ZIPPO® — was invented by George G. Blaisdell in 1933. Its basic design has changed very little over the years. One of the most popular styles today is the engraved Classic ZIPPO® Windproof Lighter.

Lighters were commonly used in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Today, they are also frequently used to light candles and tea lights. Multi-Purpose Electronic Lighters are often tapped to ignite natural gas stoves, fireplaces, backyard grills and campfires.

Why customized lighters are essential promotional products

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Lighters are successful promotional items because they are functional, small and can go anywhere. Storing and transporting them to trade shows and conventions is a breeze! They are also inexpensive, which makes them a budget-friendly option for large-scale marketing events.

The vast majority of customized lighters at Totally Promotional have a minimum order requirement of just 100. This allows you to experiment with a smaller order to gauge your own success with lighters as promotional products.

Our professionals will laser-engrave your company logo or slogan onto custom lighters for a high-end look. Two very popular engraved styles are the Oil Flip-Top Wick Lighter and the Matte Windproof ZIPPO® Lighter.

We also can beautifully screen print your design onto the lighters of your choice. Our bestselling screen-printed styles are the Standard Flint Lighter and the Mega Jet Flameless Lighter.

Who needs wholesale custom lighters?

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Businesses, organizations, schools and communities can benefit by using promotional lighters. They can be used for awareness campaigns, educational demonstrations and basic marketing strategies.

Here are a few ideas for using customized lighters:

  • Businesses that focus on outdoor living spaces and activities such as hiking should place their logos on the Electronic Lighter with Bottle Opener or the Standard Lighter with Bottle Opener. Both are excellent items for resale or giveaways.
  • Personalized lighters in bulk make excellent gifts for your employees. U.S. families are heavily investing in decks and patios, which makes items such as custom BBQ lighters a welcome gift.
  • ZIPPO® lighters are a great option for groomsmen gifts. They can be engraved with the groom’s name and wedding date and used as thank-you gifts. The Transparent Flint Lighter in assorted colors makes an awesome wedding favor for special friends and other guests of newlyweds.
  • Campgrounds can stock their stores with custom lighters printed with their name and contact information. Promotional lighters are sure to last longer than camping season!
  • Chandlers who specialize in candle-making can offer clients free customized lighters with each purchase. It’s a smart way to increase sales and brand exposure at the same time.

Put the spark in your company’s marketing plan!

Take a look at our new line of custom lighters to rejuvenate your brand. You’ll find popular styles that will compliment all your needs.

Be sure to stop back frequently at Totally Promotional to stay up-to-date with our growing selection of promotional items!

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