Suddenly wrist lanyards are everywhere!

Suddenly wrist lanyards are everywhere!

Short lanyards seem to be dangling from every pocket and backpack these days.

It’s understandable. Custom wrist lanyards are cute and colorful. But they’re more than just a mini-lanyard with charm! They’re a practical accessory and a great marketing tool.

Small wrist lanyards with logos can carry the keys to your Ford F-150, a coach’s whistle or a pocket-size flashlight. Simply choose the attachment that best fits your clients’ or employees’ needs such as hooks, clips, carabiners and key rings.

Think about all the people who will see your company logo on these short lanyards. Personalized wrist lanyards are worn to the grocery store, fitness center, school, campgrounds and office. That’s widespread exposure and top-notch branding for you at a very affordable cost. Our top-selling wrist lanyard is less than $1 each for 100!

What is a wrist lanyard?

A wrist lanyard is a strap made of various materials that can be worn around the wrist like a loose bracelet. It also can be slipped into a pocket, clipped to a gym bag or hung on a hook.

A wrist lanyard is a shorter version of a standard lanyard that hangs around the neck.

three customized wrist lanyards

History of lanyards

The word “lanyard” is derived from “laniere,” which is French for a strap or thong. According to historians, French soldiers in the 15th century were the first to create lanyards as we know them today. The soldiers used rope to attach and carry weapons or whistles around their necks. This allowed them to be hands-free while climbing the rigging on ships or heading into combat.

How do you use a wrist lanyard?

Both short and long lanyards can be fitted with eco-friendly attachments such as hooks and clips to keep keys and keychains, badges and other items close and easily accessible. Wallets, ID cardholders, medical alert badges and zipper pouches can be attached to wrist lanyards to replace bulky purses.

Wristlet lanyards are often used by security personnel at conventions, nursing homes, factories and schools. Companies distribute them at seminars and trade shows to market their brand to potential clients. Wrist lanyards are handy tools when packing light for camping and fishing trips.

Concert and sports venues give away short lanyards to fans. They often become collectibles when printed with a team logo or the name of a band or musician.

customized white wrist lanyard for car keys

What materials are used for wrist lanyards?

Custom wrist lanyards at Totally Promotional are made with polyester for strength and stability. Polyester is an economical material, which also makes our small lanyards very affordable. We use polyester grosgrain, satin polyester and tubular polyester:

  1. Polyester grosgrain wrist lanyards have a ribbed look and are flexible. Our Neon Polyester Wrist Lanyards are constructed with grosgrain webbing to ensure strength and durability.
  2. Satin polyester short lanyards have a smooth feel and a shiny finish. They are lightweight, yet strong for carrying small items. A good example is our best-selling 3/4″ Economy Polyester Wrist Lanyards.
  3. Tubular wrist lanyards feature a “shoelace look” that stands out in a crowd. Besides its eye-catching ability, it is durable and very comfortable to wear. One of our top-selling styles, the 5/8″ Tubular Wrist Lanyard, is available in nearly a dozen showy colors.

Totally Promotional offers all the popular colors you’re looking to customize. We have plenty of gender-neutral color options, neon colors for safety needs, and hues to accent company and event themes.

How long are wrist lanyards?

Custom wrist lanyards measure approximately 7 1/2 inches without an attachment. This length is perfect for wearing on your wrist or hanging from a fixed object such as a bike handlebar or a rear-view mirror.

The widths of wrist lanyards at Totally Promotional are 3/4 inch and a slightly slimmer 5/8 inch.

blue wrist lanyard with keys next to purse

How are wrist lanyards printed?

Logos and other designs are printed on wrist lanyards with a dye sublimation or screen printing process. Satin polyester short lanyards are printed via dye sublimation. Wrist lanyards made with grosgrain and tubular polyester are screen printed.

Dye sublimation involves printing an image onto transfer paper and permanently sublimating or dyeing it into the material. The main ingredients in this process are sublimation ink, heat and pressure.

Screen printing burns the imprint into a screen that is then placed on the product as the ink is pushed through. The ink is transferred onto the material in the shape of the design.

Short lanyards are a smart investment

Totally Promotional recently began offering wrist lanyards to customers and we expect the selection to grow! They are practical promotional products that can be used for many purposes. The size of wrist lanyards makes them easy to store, transport or even mail to staff members or clients.

Ordering couldn’t be easier. Just choose your style, colors and attachments. Upload your logo or email it later. After you approve your free digital proof, we’ll take it from there!

Browse our custom wrist lanyards today and kick off your best-ever marketing venture.

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