What is the best water bottle for school in 2021?

what is the best water bottle for school

Choosing the right water bottles for kids is crucial for boosting hydration and focus at school.

Students perform better in academics and sports when their bodies maintain proper fluids. Water is the No. 1 recommended beverage. The American Academy for Pediatrics says staying hydrated improves mood, memory and attention in children. Keeping refillable sports bottles nearby helps encourage kids to drink.

So what are the best water bottles for kids heading back to school this fall? Certain styles, sizes and lids are recommended.

How to choose the best water bottles for kids

Here are the features school officials and parent/teacher groups should consider when ordering water bottles for kids in bulk:

Find styles that are easy to grip

custom printed blue translucent bike bottle

Kids are active and sometimes clumsy so look for a sports bottle they can easily grip. An indentation near the top of the water bottle allows children to hold it comfortably and securely. Plastic bottles are typically easier to grasp by children than aluminum or stainless steel. Recommendation: 28 oz. Translucent Bike Bottle

Select user-friendly lids

personalized plastic red sports bottle with pop-up lid

A water bottle lid that’s difficult to open will discourage students to drink. The easiest lids for children of all ages to maneuver are pop-up and flip-top lids. Recommendation: 20 oz. Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle

Keep bottles nearby with carabiner clips

aluminum water bottle with carabiner on bookbag

Water bottles with carabiners rarely end up in the lost and found! Students can clip them to backpacks and gym bags to keep them near and secure. Recommendation: 20 oz. Aluminum Water Bottle

Prevent leaks with flip straw lids

green flip straw lid water bottle

Order water bottles with flip straw lids to avert spills and leaks. Look for a one-piece lid with a built-in straw and handle for hassle-free carrying. Recommendation: 26 oz. Tritan™ Shine Bottle with Flip Straw Lid.

Avoid non-toxic materials

custom bpa-free stainless steel swig water bottle

Look for sports bottle materials that are BPA-free. This means they are free of Bisphenol A, a structural component of plastic that can contaminate food or liquid under certain conditions. It’s also wise to choose water bottles that are made in FDA-compliant facilities where federal safety and health standards are met. Recommendation: 16 oz. Stainless Steel Swig Bottle

Other considerations when ordering water bottles for schools:

various colors of custom printed sports bottles
  • Add your school name, mascot or inspiring message: Customize your school water bottles by sending us your personal artwork or text. You also can choose from one of the many pre-designed templates we offer.
  • Select bottle and lid colors: Select your school colors to build spirit among your students and staff. Many of our sports bottles, such as our popular 20 oz. Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle, offer nine lid color options.
  • Enjoy low minimum order quantities: If you’re ordering for a smaller group such as a Pen Pal Club or Student of the Month program, take advantage of minimum order quantities as low as 12 on certain styles!

H²O is the way to go!

Water may seem boring to kids (and adults!) but it’s the perfect, natural beverage for our bodies. Sugary drinks are fine now and then, but they can lead to rotten teeth and obesity.

Bottled water is convenient but refilling sports bottles with tap water is better for the environment. More than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day in the U.S. Purchasing refillable water bottles for your school can be an eco-friendly lesson for students!

Take a look at our great selection of custom water bottles for kids. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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