Wondering what to do with old koozies®?

Those spare can coolers can do much more than keep beverages cold. Of course, that’s their main job and they do it well! But custom can coolers will also come in handy for numerous tasks around the house, on the road or just about anywhere!

Consider your extra koozies an opportunity to expand your friendships and simplify your life. They may even sweeten your marital bliss by reminding you of the day you pledged “I do.”

If you’re lucky enough to have extra can coolers or personalized wedding favors, here are some excellent ways to use them:

How to use old koozies® when you have extras

green can cooler with your design here logo

Make new friends

Your customized foam can coolers and neoprene can coolers won’t have time to gather dust if you pass them out to new friends. They’re the perfect icebreaker when you move into a new neighborhood or host a backyard BBQ. Hand out personalized wedding can coolers to new neighbors and make it easier for them to remember your names!

An anniversary flashback

Save plenty of leftover koozies® for your first wedding anniversary party. The sight of those custom wedding can coolers is sure to get family and friends reminiscing about your special day. Kudos to you if your wedding koozies® are gold or yellow, the traditional first-anniversary colors!

Spread the love on vacation

Believe it or not, some people don’t know what a koozie® is or how handy they can be! Pack a few extra and become a koozie® ambassador on vacation. Share yours at the beach, a concert or anywhere you go!

Foam coaster sets

That gorgeous can cooler design with your names and wedding date can take center stage on a DIY set of coasters! You can cut circles or squares around your custom imprint or leave your koozies as-is to create your own personalized coasters. Just in case you’d rather have traditional ones, we have custom coasters, too!

Damage-free moving day

Can coolers and pint glasses in cardboard box

Position your can coolers inside, in between and around the outside of your glassware, plates and other fragile dishes when moving into a new home or apartment. They also add an extra layer of protection when transporting camera equipment and other breakables.

Crayon holders

Do you have a daycare facility nearby? Ask them if they’d like some soft and cushy koozie® crayon holders for their students. You’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing your excess can coolers are helping children learn to be creative!

Get extra help in the kitchen

Keep a few extra colorful koozies® in a kitchen drawer near your stove to use in a pinch as hot pads. They can also help loosen lids on jars and keep your water bottle or beer cold while you and your spouse make dinner.

Beverage sleeves

A little snipping can make your can coolers fit many types of drinkware! Just cut the bottom out of a few of your koozies®. The sleeves that remain will slide around Solo cups and other types of drinkware.

Wrapping paper saver

Still not sure what to do with old koozies®? Here’s a real winner. Don’t let your pricey wrapping paper become mangled and unusable! Use a rubber band to keep the paper rolled up and place a can cooler on each end to protect the edges.

What to do with old koozies®? Store them!

custom navy blue tote bag and orange can cooler

You’re obviously a smart shopper. You took advantage of ordering bulk koozies® to save money. Fortunately, those foam and neoprene can coolers are easy to store.

Here are a few koozie® storage container ideas and tips to keep you organized:

  • Tote bag
  • Plastic container with lid
  • String them together or hang with clothespins (great for behind a bar!)
  • CD or DVD rack
  • Large transparent bowl (to show off your variety!)

Running low on koozies®?

custom red can coolers

If you find yourself running out of our beverage coolers, it’s time to replenish your supply with personalized can coolers for any event.

You’ll find trendy styles and lots of colors for upcoming birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions and all types of special occasions.

Order your custom can coolers today and don’t be afraid to get extra!

Let custom stadium cups make your event unique

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