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Order classy, wholesale sunglasses in colors that will rock your next party or fundraiser! Bulk sunglasses without logos are inexpensive and can be used for any event, any time. Stock up on blank sunglasses today at Totally Promotional!

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1-60 of 65 results

1-60 of 65 results

Wholesale Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with our blank sunglasses! Buy these sunglasses in bulk to hand out to customers or employees as a giveaway or gift.

Wholesale sunglasses are perfect for pumping up the fun when indoors or out!

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Blank Sunglasses FAQs

How much does each pair of blank sunglasses cost?

You can order our popular wholesale sunglasses for less than $2 each. Price depends on the style of sunglasses you choose and the quantity ordered.

Do I need to order a certain number of blank sunglasses?

The minimum order quantity for most of our blank sunglasses is 12. However, the minimum order requirement varies by product style. See product details for more information.

How do you tell if blank sunglasses offer UV protection?

All of our sunglasses are built to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. Check out the product details page for more information.

What events would you use these wholesale sunglasses for?

Most of our blank sunglasses are used for outdoor activities like picnics, festivals or walks. However, they are also perfect for indoor use at parties.

How do you order blank sunglasses?

First, choose a style and quantity. Then you’ll need to enter your ZIP code and choose a production and delivery method. Next, select your product color and click on the Add To Cart button before proceeding to checkout.

Options for Wholesale Sunglasses

Searching for the right pair of blank sunglasses for your event? Need them kid-sized?

Our blank sunglasses are available in a variety of styles, shapes and materials to fit every event. Check out our fashionable, blank glasses and benefits:

Why Blank Sunglasses?

  • Wind can easily blow debris and dust into your eyes causing irritation. Our wholesale sunglasses will protect your face. 
  • Keep your employees and customers safe while they drive. Blank sunglasses are designed to keep the sun out of your eyes. 
  • Blank sunglasses are available in numerous styles to please everyone in your group. Learn everything you need to know about our sunglasses.
  • Our blank sunglasses are perfect for every indoor or outdoor event!


Buy Blank Sunglasses in Bulk

Order our popular budget-friendly blank Two-Tone Tropic Sunglasses!

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