Meet the Totally Team

Our Totally Promotional family represents the dedication and commitment of our company. They are a compassionate and diverse bunch with lots of experience and skills. Browse their bios and get to know them.

Meet Ashlyn

Ashlyn Stoltz

Customer Service

Meet Joyce

Joyce Jamison


Meet Jenny

Jenny Meier

Web Developer

Meet Ashleigh

Ashleigh Falk

Category Manager

Meet Morgan

Morgan Moneysmith

Category Manager

Meet Jenny

Jenny Nieport

Account Manager + Graphic Designer

Meet Rachel

Rachel Quigg

Screen Printer

Meet Kristina

Kristina Wenning

Tech Department Printer

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Post


Meet Teresa

Teresa Hess

Production Expediter

Meet Jamie

Jamie Green

Graphic Designer

Meet Ariel

Ariel McVety

Product Management Assistant

Meet Rosie

Rosie Howell

Graphic Designer

Meet Barb

Barb Fullenkamp

Production Coordinator

Meet Shelley

Shelley Grieshop

Creative Writer / Public Relations

Meet Ella

Ella McNeilan


Meet Brady

Brady Kremer

Market Research Assistant

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Hyde

Drinkware Supervisor

Meet Linda

Linda Stammen

Sewing Supervisor

Meet Jean

Jean Weigel

Sewing Department

Meet Erin

Erin Siefring

Social Media & Email
Marketing Director

Meet Lorraine

Lorraine Klingshirn

Packing Supervisor

Meet Kara

Kara Ayers

Customer Service Representative

Meet Paula

Paula Lessick

Product Line Supervisor

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Rutter

Standard Order Processor

Meet Dave

Dave Huwer

Production Plant Mechanic

Meet Jenn

Jenn Buening

Digital Designer

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