The use of business promo products is growing as more companies realize the importance of brand recognition.

Selecting the right customized promo items for your business is vital. You need to invest in promotional products your customers want and will use often.

I can help with that. Totally Promotional has been customizing promotional products for all types of businesses for more than 30 years. We know what’s hot and we know what’s not. We listen to our customers!

Before I identify this year’s best business promo products, let’s look at how consumers view personalized giveaways. This will help you decide which promotional items will best capture your customers’ attention.

How consumers feel about promotional products

Men and women of all ages prefer promotional items over every other form of advertising, including radio, newspaper, magazines, mobile, TV and Internet. This fact from ASI Central makes a lot of sense.

Other types of marketing often scream their message in wacky commercials or annoying online pop-ups. They may be memorable, but most of the time they don’t create a positive customer experience.

Personalized marketing products, on the other hand, expose a companies’ name in a subtle way while giving potential customers a gift. It’s a much better experience for the consumer who is left with a free item and a positive image of your business.

What business promo products can do for you

woman filling a customized metal water bottle

An expertly customized promotional product can increase brand awareness, boost customer loyalty and drive sales. This is achieved by the thousands of impressions a single promotional item can make during its lifetime.

Think about the number of potential customers who would see your logo on car magnets affixed to your company vehicles!

For example, custom pens make an average of 2,436 impressions during a two-year life span. Personalized drinkware racks up 3,162 impressions and T-shirts with logos deliver a whopping 5,053 impressions. That’s a lot of branding!

Business promo products give you the exposure you need to stand out from the competition. You’re not just giving out gifts; you’re investing in your future by creating opportunities to gain loyal customers.

Using branded products is even more valuable when starting a new business from home. It provides a low-cost method of marketing, which is crucial to any startup.

What promo items do people actually want?

It’s important to know your target audience before selecting business promo products. Younger customers might be thrilled with tech items or performance apparel. Older consumers are more likely to welcome gifts such as custom barware or travel bags.

The vast majority of consumers want business promo products they can use. Practical promo items are the most popular among Generation X and millennials. These groups typically aren’t collectors of stuff; they have little interest in items that sit on a shelf.

Eco-friendly products are a big favorite among all ages today. Nearly half of consumers gain a more favorable opinion of a business who hands out environmentally friendly promo products. Our 1 oz. Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles are one of our top eco-friendly items.

Fortunately for you, Totally Promotional adds new marketing products to its selection each week! We make it easy to find products your customers want that align with your business. By providing your clients with high-quality items they’re happy to receive, you’ll increase brand recognition.

10 best business promo products for 2023

best selling custmomized promotional products - koozies, drawstring bags, sunglasses

This year’s most popular promo merch for businesses is certain to captivate and engage customers:

  1. Can coolers and Koozies®
    No. 1 bestseller: Premium Foam Can Cooler
  2. Custom stadium cups
    No. 1 bestseller: 16 oz. Plastic Stadium Cup
  3. Drawstring bags
    No. 1 bestseller: Polyester Drawstring Bag 14-in. x 18-in.
  4. Lanyards
    No. 1 bestseller: 3/4-in. Economy Polyester Lanyard
  5. Branded tote bags
    No. 1 bestseller: Polypropylene Budget Shopper Tote
  6. Custom water bottles
    No. 1 bestseller: 20 oz. Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle
  7. Pens
    No. 1 bestseller: Bex Pen
  8. Logo flying discs
    No. 1 bestseller: 9-1/4-in. Flying Disc
  9. Chip clips
    No. 1 bestseller: Alligator Power Clip
  10. Promotional sunglasses
    No. 1 bestseller: Tropic Sunglasses

Promo items are a low-cost marketing solution

One of the last — and possibly most important — reasons to invest in marketing products is their affordability. Many of the items offered at Totally Promotional cost less $1 each when purchased in bulk.

Consider this scenario:

  • You order 300 Rosey Twin Pens (another best-seller) at about 60 cents each. With free delivery, your total cost is approximately $180.
  • You pass these beautiful pens out at a trade show or use them as giveaways in your company lobby.
  • Customers and potential clients keep those pens with your logo for more than a year. During that period your logo is seen on each and every pen more than 2,400 times.
  • For less than $200, you exposed your logo to tens of thousands of people!

Take your marketing plan to new heights with promo items

customize promotional products with your full color logo

When consumers frequently see a name or logo, they become familiar with the brand. It makes them more likely to seek you out when they need your products and services.

An excellent marketing strategy requires maximum brand exposure at a budget-friendly price. Business promo products do that for all types and sizes of retailers.

Get in on the fastest-growing and most successful marketing strategy today. Shop business promo products now!

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Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.

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