Companies need eye-catching swag items to promote their brand in tough times.

Well, fasten your seatbelts because this year could be a bumpy ride for businesses big and small! You’ll want to use the most popular and effective swag and I can help with that.

Promotional products are a company’s best friend when finances are tight. Many customized giveaways at Totally Promotional cost less than $1 each. We even have a rotating list of products on sale every day.

Did you know the vast majority of personalized products are kept by recipients more than six months? That’s incredible branding power for such a small investment!

With so many products available, how do you choose the best swag items for your company? That’s where our expertise comes in. Let’s explore the top promotional items for 2024 and why they’re such effective marketing tools.

What is the most popular promotional item today?

Custom apparel is the most popular promotional product on the market today, according to the most recent statistics. From printed T-shirts to jackets, bulk-priced hats to company polo shirts, branded apparel is sizzling hot.

But there are many other promotional items competing for the title of best company swag!

To help you advertise your brand in this rocky economy, I’ve rounded up the most popular and low-cost swag items at Totally Promotional. Browse this list, shop the customized products on our website and let us know if you have any questions.

10 best company swag in 2024

Put these popular and low-cost promotional products to work for you:

1. Customized Koozies® and can coolers

customizable can coolers

Everyone knows that promotional can coolers are essential items to keep drinks cold. But they’re much more than that! By placing your company logo on foam koozies or neoprene can coolers, you can ensure your brand gets exposure every time someone takes a sip.

Printed can coolers are lightweight, easy to store, available in dozens of colors and styles, and one of the cheapest promotional items at Totally Promotional!

2. Bulk plastic water bottles

customizable plastic water bottle

Staying hydrated is important, which is why water bottles make such great swag items. Besides promoting good health, they have a large surface area to print your company’s logo. Since custom water bottles are designed for mobility, your brand will be seen hundreds of times at sporting events, the gym and work.

Our huge color selection of plastic water bottles with lids gives you an edge when matching your company or event theme. Minimum quantities start at 12 but you’ll want to order extra for even bigger savings.

3. Printed T-shirts

customizable t-shirts in bulk

T-shirts are a classic yet affordable swag item for a reason. They are versatile, can be worn by anyone, and give your brand spacious real estate on someone’s body. Plus, our comfy T-shirts are an instant walking advertisement for your business.

The bestsellers and customer favorite T-shirts at Totally Promotional are budget-friendly and available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Enjoy high-quality materials at great prices from trusted brands such as Gildan® and Port & Company®.

Apparel’s proven ability for success makes T-shirts one of the best company swag choices today.

4. Promotional kitchen products

customizable pot holder for kitchens

Everyone can use kitchen essentials like handy Cotton Pot Holders or 5-in. Flower Rubber Jar Openers. By offering these items with your company’s logo, you can ensure your brand gets seen almost daily.

Most of our customized kitchen items are priced under $1 each for incredibly cheap branding. You also get to choose from dozens of product colors, durable materials and free print setup on most styles.

5. Promo chip clips

customizable chip clip

Keep your brand fresh in people’s minds with these handy snack clips! Personalized chip clips are simple but effective advertising tools that will be used often to make a positive impression on potential customers.

Custom chip clips don’t just secure snacks. They’ll take your marketing efforts to new heights with bright colors and features like magnetic backs and finger grips. Try a full-color imprint for an even bigger splash!

6. Customized tools

customizable air pressure gauge tool

If your business is part of a hands-on industry, offering custom tools with your logo might be the way to go. Choose from budget-friendly products such as LED Cylinder Flashlight Key Rings or a Tire Gauge With Clip. Items like these will be useful to recipients for years to come.

Using promotional tools as gifts will show how much you care about your customers’ safety. Other benefits to you, besides the low cost, include free print setup on many styles and more than a dozen durable material options.

7. Personalized lunch bags

customizable lunch bag

Lunch bags are a daily essential for many people. By branding them with your company’s logo, you’ll gain plenty of exposure and establish name recognition. Custom-printed lunch boxes are excellent employee appreciation gifts for frugal workers who pack meals every day.

The large imprint area on custom lunch boxes make them top-notch branding tools for your company. Despite their size, cooler bags at Totally Promotional are very affordable when ordered in bulk. Select from small, medium and large sizes for your specific needs.

8. Custom lip balm

customizable lip balm

Lip balm has never been more in demand as people make health a priority. By giving employees or clients lip balm with your brand on it, you’re sure to draw the attention of potential customers.

Totally Promotional has healthcare, holiday and business designs if needed to decorate your lip balm giveaways. You can also submit your own artwork if you’d like. Give your budget a break and enjoy free delivery on these affordable promotional items.

9. Bulk hand sanitizer

custom hand sanitizer bottles in bulk

Another item that’s become an essential in recent years is hand sanitizer. It’s guaranteed to be used and makes a great impression among health- and safety-conscious consumers. Every time your employees or customers hold a bottle or tube of custom hand sanitizer, they’ll see your logo and know you care.

Gels, sprays and alcohol-free options make ideal giveaways at trade shows, training sessions or anywhere lots of people gather. Order hand sanitizer with full-color imprints to show off your brand. Minimum orders start at 25.

10. Promotional mouse pads

fully customizable mouse pad

Mouse pads are a must-have item for anyone who works in front of a computer. By branding mouse pads as gifts you occupy a prime piece of real estate on someone’s desk. With so many different material, shape and color options, it’s easy to find a style that reflects your company.

Customize your mouse pads with a full-color imprint to steer attention to your company logo. Our cork and polyester mouse pads give you the best bang for your buck. The Natural Cork Rectangle Mouse Pad is a popular choice!

Don’t sacrifice your brand in tough times

When budgets are small it can be difficult to find a branding strategy that is effective and affordable. That’s why more and more companies today rely on a marketing solution with a proven ROI: custom promotional products.

The best company swag can be a highly effective way to market your business without breaking the bank. By offering practical, usable items with your name and logo, you’re ensuring that your company gets exposure for months or even years to come.

let custom buttons put your message on display

Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.

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