Want a cheap but really cool way to say Merry Christmas to friends and family? Mail Christmas koozies® with a unique design to everyone on your list!

Just slip a customized can cooler into a holiday card, address it, place three stamps in the upper right-hand corner and mail it. Who says the holidays have to be stressful?

Koozies® and can coolers at Totally Promotional are without a doubt the most popular products we offer. They are the perfect choice as affordable Christmas gifts. Each koozie is made with durable foam or neoprene so they don’t fall apart, even when used daily to keep drinks cold.

Christmas is just around the corner. Let’s explore this practical gift idea and end the madness of unnecessary holiday spending.

5 reasons to mail Christmas koozies® as gifts

Mailing koozies as holiday gifts is one of the easiest ways to say Merry Christmas. I can think of dozens of reasons to mail can coolers to friends. Here are my top five:

1. Koozies and holiday cards are affordable.

woman writing on envelope with custom koozies

Koozies® and can coolers at Totally Promotional cost about $2.50 each for 25. The price keeps dropping the more you buy (think about aunts and uncles, grandparents, teachers, fitness instructors, employees and coworkers). You can order as few as 12 if that’s all you really need.

Your koozie order will be delivered for free when you shop with Totally Promotional. That saves you even bigger bucks!

The average individual holiday greeting card costs $2 to $5. However, it typically costs less to buy box sets of Christmas cards or make your own if you’ve got the DIY touch!

2. Postage costs are low to mail Christmas koozies®.

woman mailing christmas cards

Although stamps went up again this year to 66 cents each, it won’t take many of them to get your cards and koozies delivered.

To give you the most accurate information, I asked the USPS to verify the cost of mailing a standard-size Christmas card and envelope with a koozie. Here’s what I found out:

Calculating the cost to mail Christmas koozies®

My standard Christmas card envelope measured 8 inches by 5 3/4 inches. I placed a Customized Neoprene Can Cooler inside it. This can cooler weighs 0.03 ounces.

The result: The standard-size Christmas card with koozie inside weighed 1.3 ounces, which required just $1.59 in postage.

Take a look at the weight and mailing cost of another popular, lightweight koozie tucked inside a smaller Christmas card:

My smaller Christmas card envelope measured 6 3/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches. I placed a Collapsible Foam Can Sleeve inside it. This can sleeve weighs 0.022 ounces.

The result: The smaller Christmas card with the can sleeve inside weighed .6 ounces, which required just $1.35 in postage.

Here are a few other lightweight can coolers that can be mailed inside holiday cards for less than the cost of three postage stamps:

How much does a koozie weigh?

Koozie weights at Totally Promotional range from 0.02 to .42. The various shapes and sizes contribute to their weight and thickness. Here are the basic types of can coolers we offer:

3. You get to choose the koozie design.

christmas koozie designs

The text and design you place on your holiday can coolers is your choice. It can be a funny saying or an inspirational quote. Perhaps a traditional design with bells and a mistletoe is more your style. We can do it all!

Totally Promotional has many Christmas-themed design templates you can use. Browse the template design options for our Customized Neoprene Can Cooler for ideas. These templates can be used for any can cooler or koozie® you select on our site.

Want something a little more unique? You can upload your own design to print on your koozies. Visit our Artwork Requirements page for how-to details or contact us if you need additional advice.

During the checkout process, you’ll be given options to select one of our design templates, upload your own design and/or provide text to print on your holiday can coolers. No payment is required until you approve a digital proof emailed to you by your very own graphic designer.

I almost forgot to tell you the best part! Colors! We have dozens of product colors and imprint colors to accent the design on your holiday koozies. Red and green are always nice, but don’t be afraid to drift from those traditional Christmas colors.

For a real eye-catcher, order our full-color can coolers! Read our blog to find out how our digital printing process works and the impact these colorful koozies can make.

4. Christmas koozies will be a hit at every party

premium foam koozies for christmas

It’s not easy choosing gifts for others, especially friends or relatives you don’t see very often. Candy, baked goods and fruit baskets are nice, but they don’t last.

Koozies® and can coolers, on the other hand, can be used over and over again. Read more about can coolers to understand their impact.

The Christmas koozies you mail as gifts are likely to make an appearance at every holiday party! Your coworkers and clients can easily carry their collapsible can coolers in pockets or purses to every gathering.

The amusing design you place on your customized koozies will be an ice breaker at the office Christmas party.

Don’t be surprised if your mailed can coolers show up long after the holidays! Koozies are known for keeping beverages cold and hands dry. That makes them an essential item at summer BBQs, sporting events, beach vacations and many other celebrations year-round!

5. Yule use your time more wisely

happy holidays christmas koozies

It’s easy to get swallowed up in the holiday rush. We try to meet expectations and obligations but often seem to fall short. It seems there’s never enough time.

That’s why mailing Christmas koozies to loved ones and business associates is such a great idea. It certainly reduces shopping time. You can customize and order koozies online at Totally Promotional in just a few minutes.

Actually, the work involved is minimal:

  • Order koozies
  • Buy Christmas cards
  • Prep cards and envelopes
  • Stuff koozies into cards
  • Mail them

No standing in long checkout lines. No wrapping. No worries about returns (they’ll love these!). When you mail Christmas koozies, you give yourself the gift of time.

Order koozies early and enjoy the holiday!

woman holding a christmas koozie

If you’re a list person like me, you find great joy in getting tasks done early. Spending the holidays with family and friends is much more enjoyable when gift-giving is quick and easy.

Order your Christmas koozies today and in no time you’ll have conquered one of the biggest jobs on your holiday list.

Do you need guest favors and supplies for the Christmas office party or a special group get-together? If so, visit our Holiday Favors & Gifts page for popular products and low prices!

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