If you’ve ever received can coolers or Koozies® as gifts or giveaways, you already know their value.

Those foam and neoprene can huggers are well known for keeping drinks cold and hands dry. No one wants to hold a moisture-dripping soda, seltzer or beer. Can coolers also are known for creating custom branding opportunities with vibrant colors and designs.

Almost everyone I know has a few custom coozies tucked away in kitchen drawers or glove boxes. Yet there never seems to be enough when you get together with friends. That’s why few people refuse a can cooler when handed out at celebrations or business events.

Have you ever wondered what really makes these inexpensive items so popular? I can give you many reasons. But first let’s take a peek at the history of beer cozies to learn how they’ve become an essential part of our lives.

How the can cooler got its start

A rough concept of today’s koozies was first created in the 1800s to keep British teapots warm. It was really nothing more than a knitted cover with thin insulation, but it got the idea rolling.

Bonnie McGough held a patent for one of the first insulated koozies

Lots of U.S. patents for “insulated beverage sleeves” were filed since 1921. One of the most unique ones was given to Bonnie McGough of Idaho. McGough created the first collapsible “cozie” in a cylinder design. Goose down was one of the materials she used for insulation.

In the 1970s, can coolers began appearing in bars and restaurants as promotional items.

In 1981, Radio Cap Corporation of Texas began manufacturing can coolers with Styrofoam. The company later upgraded to foam and neoprene materials. Ownership of RCC’s business and patent would eventually go to Scribe OpCo, Inc., dba Koozie Group.

In 2008, Totally Promotional began offering custom Koozies® and can coolers on its websites, Totally Promotional and Totally Wedding Koozies. The authentic KOOZIE® brand is part of the selection the company proudly offers customers today.

Totally Promotional continues to be one of the leading custom can cooler manufacturers and retailers in the U.S. One of our most popular styles today is the Premium Foam Can Cooler with full-color digital artwork.

What are the different types of can coolers and Koozies®?

customizable koozie types

Numerous styles of Koozies® and can coolers debuted since the early 1920s. Shapes, sizes and materials have changed and expanded over the years to adapt to the beverages they hug.

Still reigning as the king of beer cozies at Totally Promotional is the traditional custom foam can cooler. It is the most popular choice of customers for trade show giveaways, festivals and concerts, business branding, family reunions and wedding favors.

Neoprene can coolers take insulation to another level. They are made with premium wetsuit material to keep drinks chilled for hours. Neoprene can coolers are extremely durable for long-lasting use.

Our team at Totally Promotional in recent years witnessed a huge increase in the sales of slim can coolers. Their popularity is in sync with tall, skinny canned beverages manufactured by brands such as Red Bull® and White Claw®.

One of my favorite coozies are custom bottle coolers, especially those with zippers. Longneck bottles and bottled water fit inside them like a glove. The form-fitting style is available in foam and neoprene materials.

women holding custom foam koozies in different colors

Other fun and eye-catching styles are camo can coolers and can coolers with metallic ink for designs.

How can coolers and Koozies® bring people together

kids holding customized happy birthday koozies

I promised to tell you why can coolers are so popular, so here we go:


Even the smallest of budgets can swing an order of custom koozies for branding. Let’s say you want to hand out personalized foam can coolers with your logo to the first 100 people who attend your grand opening. Your cost is about $1 each and you get free delivery! We also throw in a free second-side imprint of your logo. It’s a deal that’s hard to pass up.


Each personalized can cooler makes 1,400 impressions throughout its lifetime. That’s an amazing amount of exposure for your company, name or message. Organizing an awareness campaign? Customized coozies are your ticket to success.


Custom drinkware, in general, is kept an average of 12 months. However, can coolers are often kept longer due to their durability. I personally have used a few coozies with logos for more than 10 years!


Customized can coolers can be reused over and over again. One that stands out for its environmentally friendly qualities is the Asobu® Cup Insulator.


The design you have printed on your can coolers, whether it’s your logo, a funny quote or an awareness message, makes them uniquely yours. This will get you noticed and help you stand out among the competition. Go for ultimate branding with full-color can coolers!

Team building

Whether it’s your family reunion, bowling team or bachelor party, you want everyone to feel included. Accomplish that goal by handing everyone printed koozies to hold their drinks. Just like group custom T-shirts, can coolers are low-cost, team-building tools.

Koozies® get the job done

Can coolers really are work horses when it comes to keeping beverages cold. We tested them ourselves! Your drinks will stay colder much longer when wrapped in one.

Say good-bye to wet hands, too. Coosies absorb the moisture that often drips from cans, bottles and glasses. I personally enjoy the steady grip can coolers give me on whatever drink I’m holding.

Put Koozies® to work for you

customized neoprene koozie on a job site

I can’t think of too many parties, corporate events or marketing strategies that wouldn’t benefit from custom can coolers. Personalizing and handing out beer jackets (or whatever you call them) can be a game-changer for retailers. Koozies® with great sayings also serve as conversation starters at all types of gatherings.

Impress your guests. Give your advertising budget a break. Have some fun. Order your own custom can coolers today!

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Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.

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