Bridal shower themes make party planning so much easier, especially if you have matching quotes to print on guest favors.

Well, I’ve got what you need to make planning a breeze! Just choose a trendy theme and a coordinating bridal shower quote from the list below. I’ve also included recommendations for guest favors. You’ve got this!

10 bridal shower themes

1. Bride To Bee

bride to bee shower cups

This is perfect for that outdoorsy girl who’s planning a springtime wedding. Bees and flowers can adorn everything from table covers to wedding banners! Sweet delights are a menu must, such as chocolate-dipped honey bites. Splash your décor with pastels, and let black and yellow stripes rule the day.

Bride To Bee bridal shower quotes:

  • So sweet of you to come!
  • Glad you could bee here!
  • A love meant to bee
  • Love as sweet as honey
  • Cheers to the Bride-To-Bee!

Bride To Bee wedding shower favors:

2. Glamour Galore

glam wedding shower glasses

This is perfect for the fashionista bride who can’t get enough bling in her life! Go glitzy and don’t look back when decorating. Crystal accents and sparkling China will create an upscale table setting. Hors d’oeuvres, champagne and seafood are a few suggested items for your menu. Be sure to warn guests that attire is formal/dressy.

Glamour-themed bridal shower quotes:

  • A little bling before the ring!
  • Cheers to the future Mrs.
  • Sparks are goin’ to fly!
  • Love & Thanks!
  • Can’t say “I do” without you!

Glam bridal shower favors:

3. Beach Bash

beach bash bridal shower theme

Grab your flip-flops! Beaches are popular wedding destinations and open the door to crazy-fun bridal showers. Seashells, fish, mermaids, sand buckets and shovels .. the decorating ideas are endless! Beach party food choices are also plentiful, such as delicious Baked Crab Dip!

Beach-themed bridal shower quotes:

  • It’s a shore thing
  • Love anchors the soul
  • Here’s to a whale of a good time!
  • Don’t worry, beach happy
  • Shellebrating our love

Beach-themed bridal shower favors:

4. Music Mania

keep calm and party on bridal shower cups

If music is the wedding couple’s jam (pardon the pun) it should have a lead role in the bridal shower theme. Hang and display notes, LPs and lyrics to the bride’s favorite songs. Create invitations that look like concert tickets. Put together a soundtrack the bride loves and play it in the background. Old records make great centerpieces and music-themed plates will have guests humming!

Music-themed bridal shower quotes:

  • Life is a song, love is the music
  • “From this moment on”
  • “This will be an everlasting love”
  • Our love is a friendship set to music
  • Keep calm and party on!

Music-themed bridal shower favors:

5. Slumber Party

slumber party bridal shower theme coasters

Take relaxation to the limits with a calming “sleepover” bridal shower theme. Even if it’s not an overnighter, your guests will love wearing comfy PJs while sipping on a glass of Chardonnay. Extra pillows and floor seating are required. Snacks will play a big role here such as Chicken Avocado Roll-Ups!

Slumber party bridal shower quotes:

  • All you need is love and a few cocktails
  • Pop the bubbly, she’s getting a hubby
  • Brews before I dos
  • Bride’s drinking team
  • “I do” crew

Slumber party-themed shower favors:

6. Garden Party

garden party bridal shower hand sanitizer favors

Once you’ve planted this idea (haha) you’ll never go back! Potted flowers and succulents will take center stage for table decorations and guest favors. Push this theme to the limit by serving fresh vegetable bundles with a tarragon-citrus dip in a charming outdoor setting. Use lush florals and greenery for an enchanted gift table.

Garden Party bridal shower quotes:

  • Life is a garden, love is in bloom
  • Love is planted in our hearts
  • Bridal showers bring wedding flowers!
  • We were mint to be
  • Rooted deeply in love

Garden Party-themed shower favors:

7. Spa Party

spa day bridal shower theme lip balm

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and pampering is the cure! Take your guests to a spa or create your own. A backyard jacuzzi can set the tone with a few aromatherapy candles. Facials, pedicures, massages … you decide! Just don’t forget the mimosas and sweet tunes!

Spa Party wedding shower quotes:

  • Best day ever!
  • Bride Tribe
  • Sip, sip, hooray!
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere
  • Make a memory with us

Spa Party bridal shower favors:

8. Don’t whine, say cheese!

fancy bridal shower pens

A wine and cheese date with your besties. No cooking involved. What could be better? Serve a few popular wines, including a couple of bottles from a local winery. Select a variety of cheeses, and don’t forget a vegan type or two to accommodate your crowd. Finish off the appetizers with gluten-free crackers, jam, candied nuts, grapes and dark chocolate.

Wine-themed bridal shower quotes:

  • Let the adventure begin
  • Let’s celebrate!
  • The beginning of a beautiful forever
  • All you need is love
  • And they lived happily ever after

Wine-themed wedding shower favors:

9. Country Classic

the hunt is over slim can coolers

Roll out the country spirit with a rustic setting of fairy lights, colorful flowers and a laid-back itinerary. Chalkboard signs and wooden baskets for favors make the setting dreamy. Think taco bar or barbecue for a light lunch, and add a splash of color with lavender lemonade!

Country bridal shower quotes:

  • Eat, drink & get married
  • Roped & Tied
  • The hunt is over
  • He took a shot, she said yes!
  • Catch of a lifetime!

Country-themed shower favors:

10. Romance Soiree

romance soiree bridal shower themed mugs

Let’s get mushy for a minute. The bride is head over heels in love so blanket your party venue with hearts and kisses! For this girlie event, pink roses or carnations add a princess-look to your guest tables. Create a beverage station with lots of draped ribbon and lace for a real feminine touch. Mini cupcakes and delicate French macarons will top off this lovey-dovey setting.

Romantic wedding shower quotes:

  • Our love story
  • Hugs, kisses and best wishes!
  • Friends yesterday, lovers today, soulmates forever
  • True love stories never have endings
  • All you need is love

Romantic-themed shower favors:

Don’t forget the bridal shower party extras!

Save money and keep your theme and design consistent by ordering customized napkins, wedding banners and table covers. We also have Styrofoam bowls, which are wonderful for ice cream sundae bars!

If you’ll be sending guests home with baked goodies or other special gifts, be sure to personalize your gift and favor bags, too. They add a nice finishing touch to any themed bridal shower!

Do your guests a favor!

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