Beautiful color palettes are essential for setting a mood or showing your personal vibe. But how do you know which color combinations are best?

Avoid color clash and let our design experts at Totally Promotional do the work for you! Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party or a personal achievement celebration, we’ve got the color schemes you need.

What’s my color palette?

Color palettes are typically chosen to match a party theme. It can be easier to select party color schemes for holidays because they are often associated with specific colors. Christmas is red and green. St. Patrick’s Day is green and gold, and so on.

But color palettes can also be selected by preference of the party planner, host or guest of honor. If you’re planning a 50th birthday party for a friend, you might choose colors he or she likes.

Ready to get started? Browse our 10 most popular color palettes by theme and make your selection. Then shop for the party items you’ll need, such as custom cups and napkins, in your chosen color scheme. We make it easy!

10 color palettes for every occasion

Take a look at these gorgeous color palettes! You’re sure to find matching colors to accent your next event. Keep in mind you can select any or all of the colors from each palette theme.

1. Soft Autumn

soft autumn color palette theme

(Autumnal, Sunlounge, New House White, Tall Ships)

Cozy up to warm colors that capture the changing hues of leaves and shrubs.

2. Deep Winter

deep winter color palette theme

(Quinacridone Magenta, Feijoa Flower, Dulcet, Bright Cobalt)

Embrace the intense colors that welcome chilly nights, snow and ice.

3. 70s Disco

70s disco color palette theme

(Evergreen, Reclining Green, Coral Silk, Carmim)

Let these dazzling colors sweep you onto the dance floor.

4. Casino Night

casino night color palette theme with customized products

(Frosted Blueberries, Blue Darknut, Red, Midas Finger Gold)

Take a risk with colors that pop and inspire fun ideas.

5. Rustic & Woodsy

rustic and woodsy color palette theme

(Aragonite White, Oregano, Hammock, Tribal Pottery)

Get back to nature with tones to compliment Mother Nature.

6. Medieval Mysteries

medieval mysteries color palette theme

(Japanese Violet, Pastel Azureish White, Beguiling Mauve, Highlands Moss)

Escape to the Dark Ages with a kingdom of magical colors.

7. Fairy Tales in Pink

fairy tails in pink color palette theme

(Pompadour, Middle Purple, Rose Embroidery, Green Sheen)

Wave your wand and let these cheerful colors enchant all your guests.

8. Seaside at the Beach

seaside at the beach color palette theme

(Pink Red, Bordeaux, North Rim, Fairy Tale Blue)

Soak in these dreamy colors and let your worries sail away.

9. Country Farm

country farm color palette theme

(Heidelberg Red, Bronze Yellow, Ochre Revival, Caput Mortuum)

Get back to basics with colors that capture the spirit of America’s heartland.

10. Over the Rainbow

over the rainbow color palette theme

(Pastel Permafrost, Pastel Soulmate Pink, Ragweed, Pastel Happy)

Create happiness and hope with a kaleidoscope of color.

Grab your color palettes and go!

Once you’ve chosen the colors for your celebration, you’re on easy street. These helpful color palettes can guide your selection of decorations. They also are essential when customizing party essentials such as banners, custom tablecloths, group T-shirts, drinkware, wedding mints and wedding favors.

If you’re not sure about the colors you want, request a few samples from us. Our Totally Team is more than happy to make sure you get the colors and items you want!

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