One of the keys to a successful workout is feeling comfortable in your clothes. Custom athletic T-shirts that fit properly can enhance overall performance, elevate mood and boost motivation.

Finding a great-fitting shirt for a workout or a hike in the woods is essential. But there are more things to consider than just a good fit. The short-sleeve T-shirts or tank tops you might choose for your group must align with their activities. For example, golfers would require very different types of shirts than cyclists or rock climbers.

Style also figures in. We all want to look good, even when we’re sweating. Stitching, necklines, hems, cuffs and shirt colors are just a few style options to keep in mind when ordering.

Totally Promotional’s diverse collection of custom gym shirts has something for everyone. We know shirts. We know the materials, the brand-names and what kind of fit is needed for every activity.

This article shares all the information you need to order custom athletic shirts for your crew. It also provides tips on how to personalize wholesale shirts to show off your brand.

Ultimate guide for ordering custom athletic shirts

Finding the best custom workout shirts for your members, team or group is easy with insight from our experts. Our team at Totally Promotional is ready to assist you at any point in your shopping journey. We know that proper attire is essential to achieve fitness goals.

Let’s get started:

Choose shirts to match the activity

It’s important to consider the type of activity your group will be doing when wearing their custom performance T-shirts. Comfort, performance and safety are at stake when deciding between a standard, modern or slim fit workout shirt.

Standard fit (loose)

man modeling a standard/loose fit performance t-shirt

This shirt is loose-fitting and does not contour to the body’s shape. The torso area is straight with very little tapering. The sleeves have more flair than other styles. This T-shirt style fits most body types.

Modern/tapered fit

man modeling a modern/tapered fit performance t-shirt

This shirt is tapered to more closely fit next to the body. The sleeves minimally flair while following the shape of the arm. This shirt style has a more orderly appearance than standard fit.

Slim fit

man modeling a slim fit performance t-shirt

This shirt has a skintight fit that feels snug on the torso, waist, sleeves and chest. The tapered material contours to the shape of the body. A slim fit shirt can compliment a toned physique.

Select custom athletic shirts by performance needs

Weightlifters, for example, often prefer tanks or sleeveless shirts to allow for maximum mobility. Marathon runners, on the other hand, tend to wear short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts to minimize sun exposure.

Yogis and Pilates groups typically seek loose-fitting shirts so they can stretch and move in a smooth and relaxing manner. A customer favorite is our Gildan® Softstyle® Midweight Ladies’ T-Shirt with full-color printing. It offers a semi-fitted body for ease of movement and is made with 100 percent ring-spun cotton for softness and comfort.

Athletes who participate in intense or grueling activities will appreciate shirts made with moisture-wicking materials to optimize their experience. The Port & Company® Performance Blend T-Shirt with full-color imprint gets the job done with a 65/35 mix of breathable polyester and cotton.

Are you ordering shirts for gym members or athletes who enjoy multiple activities? Consider which style and fabric would be best for the majority.

Tip: Learn how to order T-shirts for a group.

Gym shirt material matters

Different activities demand different fabrics to keep athletes comfortable. Totally Promotional’s selection of shirt fabrics include polyester, cotton and numerous blends for the right combination of materials for every athlete and activity.

Shirts with moisture-wicking fabric are imperative for powerful workouts or intense team practices. Choose custom team shirts made with a combination of polyester and nylon to combat excess sweating. These special fabrics help pull sweat away from the skin to keep athletes feeling dry and refreshed.

A few of our more popular shirts with moisture-wicking fabrics include the Gildan® DryBlend® T-Shirt and the Nike® Ladies’ Legend Tee.

Cotton and cotton blends are more appropriate for low-impact activities such as moderate walking or running errands. Look for cotton shirts described as breathable, durable and comfortable.

I recommend our Gildan® Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt for most moderate activities. These double-needle stitched shirts are made with 100 percent preshrunk cotton for a cozy “worn” feel.

Tip: Learn more about the best fabrics for T-shirts.

Make comfort a priority

woman running wearing a customizable t-shirt

A comfortable promotional tee will quickly become a favorite that is worn often. If your logo is printed on the shirts, you’ll get plenty of branding opportunities.

But what makes a workout shirt comfortable? Here are a few things to look for when shopping for the most comfortable athletic shirts:

  • Tagless or tag-free labels: Look for label information that is printed into the fabric instead of dangling tags that can cause itching and irritation in the neck area.
  • Preshrunk cotton: This manufacturing process eliminates shrinkage over time and improves the overall quality for longer wear.
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams: This means a thin piece of fabric was sewn over the neck and shoulder seams to provide a softer, more comfortable feel.
  • Seamless double-needle stitching: This makes your shirt fabric stronger to minimize fraying, which can cause skin discomfort.
  • DryBlend®, DriFIT™® and similar technology: Trademark names such as these confirm the fabric is designed to pull sweat away from the skin to help keep the wearer dry.
  • Seamless stitching: Shirts with this type of stitching are more forgiving and less restrictive to enhance body movement.
  • Ring-spun cotton: This manufacturing process adds strength and extreme softness to your shirt.

Tip: Use our T-shirt glossary of terms to better understand everything about custom athletic shirts.

Brand-name gym shirts build pride and empowerment

brand name apparel options for t-shirts at totally promotional

Gym shirts made by brand names carry big benefits for everyone.

Fitness center owners and coaches can show athletes how much they’re valued by giving them brand-name apparel to wear. It can also make teams or club members feel proud and empowered when wearing trusted names like Nike® or Under Armour®.

Printing your gym logo on brand-name shirts can build trust in your business. Going the extra mile by investing in good quality apparel creates a positive image for your brand.

Companies that produce brand-name athletic clothing are known to invest in research and development. Their products are made with the latest technology to deliver the utmost comfort and durability.

Take a look at a few of the brand-name shirts offered at Totally Promotional:

How to customize your team fitness shirts

imprint area for a customizable t-shirt

Customizing athletic shirts gives you the opportunity to effectively advertise your gym at a low cost. Adding personalization to fitness shirts can also inspire and motivate everyone who sees them.

We make the customization process easy! Just follow the step-by-step instructions in our online checkout process after choosing the shirts you want.

Customize shirts with your logo for low-cost branding

You won’t find a better or cheaper way to advertise your gym than customizing shirts for fitness instructors or members. They’ll wear those personalized T-shirts at the gym, sporting events and other places where hundreds or even thousands of people will see your logo.

Custom T-shirts receive 5,053 impressions during their lifetime.

2023 study by ASI Central

After choosing your custom T-shirts, here are a few other things to consider when ordering:

  • Use the same colors in your logo or brand when choosing shirts and imprint colors. It’s important to keep your brand consistent.
  • Select an imprint location for your shirts that best displays your logo or design. Larger and more detailed imprints look best across the front or back. Totally Promotional also prints designs and text on the left chest, left sleeve and right sleeve of most athletic shirts. Your personal Graphic Account Manager can assist you in choosing a location.
  • Along with your name and logo, choose inspirational sayings to print on your shirt. Motivational fitness quotes can stoke the energy needed to do another repetition, lift heavier weights or sprint that extra mile.

Order custom gym shirts with confidence

man wearing a customizable performance t-shirt at the gym

Shopping for custom athletic shirts for your gym may seem like a daunting task, but following our guide can help make it easy.

Remember to consider the activity, fit, fabric and brand when selecting the shirts you need. Customization is also key — make sure your designs and text are consistent with your brand. And finally, don’t forget about comfort and style.

By keeping all these factors in mind, you can be sure your group is working out in shirts that feel great and perfectly represent your brand.

Totally Promotional also has many other fitness products for all types of athletes. Shop our promotional water bottles, branded sweatshirts, stylish gym bags, custom stress balls, sports cooling towels and hot and cold packs.

We’ve got everything your group needs to stay in shape. Start shopping today!

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