I’m pretty sure most St. Patrick’s Day parties are just beer destinations … and rightly so.

The love of beer is weaved throughout Irish history. One of Ireland’s oldest and most popular beers is Guinness, an Irish dry stout crafted in 1759 in Dublin.

To honor the Irish brew tradition, I want to share a fitting St. Patrick’s Day decoration for your party. You can use these dressed up beer mugs as centerpieces and favors for guests.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day beer mug flowers

beer mug flowers supplies

Materials (for one mug)

  • Low-cost beer mug or glass
  • 42 oz. bag of gold or green water pearls
  • 6 in. strip of white tulle
  • Faux flower blooms (white or green tint)
st.patrick's day beer flowers how to make instructions
1. Fill the beer mug or glass with water pearls, leaving a 2-inch gap at the top. Lightly shake the mug so the pearls are snug. Make sure the top layer is fairly even across.
diy st.patrick's day decorations
2. Scrunch the tulle and fill the space between the pearls and the rim.
diy st.patrick's day decorations final steps
3. Carefully arrange the flowers above the tulle in a rounded shape (as pictured). They can be hot-glued together at the base for more stability

To make this decoration more unique than a four-leaf clover, customize the side of the mug with a clever St. Patrick’s Day image or saying! You can make several of these mugs for guests to take home, or give the lads and lassies party favors with an Irish flare.

Wedding Pot ‘O Gold

This DIY project also can be a money-saving solution for brides and grooms. Simply create these crafty mugs with beads and flowers that match your wedding theme. Use them to adorn the wedding party table at dinner and later give them to your bridesmaids and groomsmen as gifts!

beer mug flowers st patricks wedding favors

Have an enchanted St. Patrick’s Day!

— Shelley Grieshop


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