I remember gathering my kids together to carve a pumpkin. It was the pre-Internet era and no one was giving away free pumpkin stencils. We had to wing it.

I placed our prized pumpkin on old newspapers as my children argued about the face we should give ole Jack. The boys envisioned a mask of horror; my daughter was thinking Muppet Babies.

Eventually, I made the first slice through the orange flesh. I quickly learned that artwork skills take a dive when your canvas is curved and bumpy. Our finished piece was a little rugged.

Free printable pumpkin stencils

Thank goodness for computers and the artistic team at Totally Promotional! Our staff created free pumpkin carving stencils to make your jack-o-lanterns the best on the block!


Halloween Stencil Pumpkins

How to use pumpkin carving stencils:

You’ll need:

  • Free downloadable Halloween stencils
  • Pumpkin
  • Large spoon
  • Knives, large and small
  • Tape
  • Push pins
  • Marker or pen for tracing (optional)
  • Tea light or LED light


  • Step 1 1. Cut around the stem of the pumpkin and remove it — seeds, gunk and all!
  • Step 22. Use a spoon to scrape and remove all the “guts” from the pumpkin cavity.
  • Free Pumpkin Stencil How-to3. Choose one of the free pumpkin carving patterns and print it. You may need to trim away some of the paper surrounding the pattern, depending on the size of your pumpkin.
  • How to use free pumpkin stencils4. Cut a 2-inch or bigger slit on both sides of the “face” so the stencil smoothly fits the pumpkin’s shape. Tape the stencil to the pumpkin at the top and bottom.
  • Free pumpkin stencils5. Use a push pin to poke holes along the design to create a template on your pumpkin. You can connect the holes with a marker or pen to make the design more visible for carving.
  • Step 66. Carefully cut out the black sections. Smaller knives are recommended for more detailed areas.
  • Festive Halloween Pumpkins7. Place a tea light or LED light inside the pumpkin for a haunting Halloween glow!

Preservation tip: After carving your pumpkin, dunk it for 2 minutes in a bucket or tub filled with 3 gallons of water and 3 teaspoons of bleach. Remove the pumpkin and let it air dry. This will prevent your pumpkin from rotting for up to 10 days.

More Halloween stencil ideas

Totally Promotional’s Halloween stencils can also be used for these fun projects:

Halloween Tote

  • Decorating a tote bag.
  • Crafting a trick or treat candy bag.
  • Making your own Halloween-themed table cover.
  • Creating a Halloween picture, poster or backdrop using a combination of stencils and colorful construction paper. This would be a fun preschool or elementary art project!
  • Making a Halloween scene on a wall or bulletin board.
  • Instead of carving, use the stencils to trace an image on your pumpkin and color it with markers or paint. Make it unique by adding props such as twine string for hair!

Halloween Party Favors

We also have a “spooktacular” selection of Halloween party favors and supplies. You’ll find great deals on frosted cups, foil-stamped coasters, hand sanitizer spray, foil-stamped napkins, Maui sunglasses, neoprene can coolers and more. Treat all your ghosts and goblins to a fun favor and a haunting good time!

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Halloween & Fall Finds board for more great ideas and inspiration!

Happy Halloween!

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