Not sure how to plan your child’s Halloween birthday party?

Don’t let ghosts and goblins steal the spotlight! It’s easier than you think to host a Halloween-themed birthday party that keeps the focus on your child’s special day.

Halloween birthday party favors

Halloween birthday party favor bags

Halloween party favors are a must if you want your young guests to go home with smiles. Start by giving each child a personalized tote bag they can fill with favors, printed snacks and any prizes they win. Customize the bags with a fun Halloween design so kids can use them later for trick or treat!

Browse these top party favors for kids:

Halloween birthday party games

Halloween birthday party cups

Start your celebration with a game that gets everyone in the “spirit”! With a few minor adjustments, you can put a Halloween spin on many traditional birthday party games. Try these:

Trick or Treasure Hunt

Lead your guests on a treasure hunt that ends with a fun, Halloween-themed prize! Start by writing the first clue on a chalkboard or dry erase board to get players on their way. Place a new clue at various sites around the party venue. Spice it up by using clues with spooky Halloween lingo or eerie poems. The first person or team to solve the last clue and reach the final destination wins the prize!

Tip: Take pictures of the winner(s) with the birthday boy or girl.

Halloween Hot Potato

You might remember this fast-action game from your own childhood! Nix the potato in favor of a plastic pumpkin, stuffed toy bat or some other Halloween-related object. Have everyone stand in a circle and toss the object around while music is played. Whoever is holding the item each time the music stops is out. The last child in the game is the champ!

Tip: Have the guest of honor distribute small gifts to those who participated and something larger to the winner.

Eyeball & Spoon Race

Line up your guests and ask them to place one hand behind their backs. With the other hand, they must carry a plastic Halloween eyeball (not an egg) on a spoon to a specific destination and back without dropping it. The first person or team to return to the starting line without dropping their eyeball (that sounds weird!) is the winner!

Food ideas for a Halloween-themed birthday party

Halloween Birthday Party Treats

Simplicity is the answer when searching for food ideas for your party. Children can be quite picky and would prefer to eat on the run! Be sure to have lots of finger foods available.

Also, find out if anyone has food allergies that would require special attention.

6 easy snacks and treats:

  1. Bat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  2. Spooky Forest Pudding Cups (use 16 oz. Frosted Plastic Cups)
  3. Mummy Meatballs
  4. Ghost Pizza Bagels
  5. Easy Candy Corn Fruit Cup
  6. Rice Krispies Hallow-Treats
  7. Personalized snack mixes

Take these ideas to the next level with a Halloween candy buffet!

Order early and relax!

Halloween Birthday Napkins

One of the biggest tasks on your list is shopping for the party supplies you need. Let us help! We have printed Halloween party items such as napkins and plates that can be customized to match your guest favors.

Browse our Halloween party page for inspiration and get your order in today!

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