A Halloween candy buffet can be a fun addition to your party or a howling nightmare!

Its success depends on the types of candy, containers and decorations you choose. It’s easy to go overboard. Just stroll through any candy aisle or browse Pinterest and you’ll get sucked into Halloween overload! Watch this video for inspiration on your Halloween candy station:

Read on for more easy Halloween candy buffet tips:

Scream your theme

Halloween Coasters

Start by choosing a ghastly theme. Ghosts, skeletons, witches, bats, mummies and spiders are great for creating Halloween themes. Next, select a theme color or two and use them when selecting candy. You’ll also want to keep these colors in mind when decorating your Halloween candy table and party venue. Orange and black are the most popular Halloween colors, but purple and neon green also paint a witchy tone.

Here are the basic supplies to create a Halloween candy table:

Halloween candy buffet guide

Halloween Can Coolers


Candy corn
Customized Charms® Blow Pops®
Gummy worms
Mellowcreme pumpkins
Black and orange jelly beans
Hershey’s Snack Size candy bars in glow-in-the-dark wrappers
Customized Hershey’s Kisses®

Take the excitement up a notch with some freaky treats such as Googly Eyes Foiled Double Crips Chocolate Eyeballs, Bloody Bones Candy and Gummy Brains. Hauntingly hilarious, right?

Estimate 4 ounces of candy per guest.
Don’t display chocolate candy near a heating vent or warm appliance. 

Easy DIY Halloween Treats

Rice Krispies Hallow-Treats

Halloween rice crispy treats

You’ll need:

  • Store-bought or homemade Rice Krispies Treats
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Colorful straws

Do this: 

Melt the vanilla frosting. Dip half a Rice Krispies Treat into the melted icing. On a separate plate, shake sprinkles on the frosted end of the Rice Krispy Treat. Insert a colorful straw to the end piece to make them easier for guests to handle.

Mummy Cookies

Mummy Cookies

You’ll need:

  • Light-colored cookies (We suggest snickerdoodles!)
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Edible mini-candy eyeballs

Do this:

Melt the vanilla frosting. Place a small dab of frosting on the back of the eyeballs and place two on each cookie. Drizzle the frosting on the cookies in a zig-zag pattern.


Halloween koozies and yumblers

The key to a visually-appealing candy buffet is the variety of containers used for edibles and gifts. Choose various sizes — taller ones in back, shorter ones in front — so guests can see all the delicious choices and favors at once.

Suggested containers and accessories:

Decorations & tips

Halloween Pumpkins carved from stencils

Let your imagination run wild when you’re ready to decorate your Halloween candy buffet. How about a bloody hand, suspended bats, a talking skeleton or a brewing cauldron?

If you want a little less fright, grace your table with a decorated pumpkin, candles (for parties without young children), colorful fall leaves and acorns. You’ll find all sorts of cheap Halloween decorations at dollar stores or you can make your own!

Decorate your Halloween drinks

Halloween Cups

Since you may already be melting vanilla frosting for the recipes above, use a little more to add pizzaz to your drinking cups. Simply turn the cups upside down, dip the rims into the melted frosting and add sprinkles. Let the frosting harden for at least an hour before adding a beverage.

Get into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Favors & Party Supplies

For more great inspiration for your party, check out our Halloween & Fall Finds! Pinterest Board. You’ll find lots of DIY décor ideas and great recipes.

To make your party a bit more unique, browse our fun Halloween Party Favors selection for personalized cups, can coolers, bags and much more. If you’re feeling crafty, you can carve your own pumpkins with our free pumpkin stencils!

Happy Halloween from Totally Promotional!


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