Entertaining at home is easy with the right atmosphere, fun products and activities.

Having a party in your own casa with family or a few friends is a great way to socialize and make memories. It also can start some great traditions!

Entertaining at home made easy

Consider these at-home entertainment ideas for families with children or adult-only gatherings:

Backyard BBQs

custom bbq cups

Americans are rediscovering their love for grilling and outdoor activities. It’s easy and fairly cheap to turn your backyard into a casual cook-eat-play hangout! Here is some inspiration for food, activities and supplies for entertaining at home:

Food & drinks


Party supplies

Wine tasting time

customized wine glasses on a bar

What a great way to explore new wines with friends! I suggest choosing popular and unique varieties from local wineries. You can be the sole supplier or ask guests to bring their favorites to share. Be sure to have food on hand that pairs well with different types of wines. Here are a few wine party hacks you might like to try:

Themed house party for entertaining at home

sunday funday koozies

Think 80s, Harry Potter, Mexican Fiesta and casino. Other favorite party themes include Disney characters, pirates … and the always popular beach bash! Ask guests to dress according to the theme you choose. Have fun decorating your home and creating food to fit your theme. Here are some sites with mega theme ideas:

Board game night

drinking with jenga game

Ahh, a fun evening of at-home entertainment without video games or Google. Dust off those old board games in your closet or buy some new ones! Honestly, they’re fairly cheap. Most of the classics average less than $20 each.

Tips for a successful board game night:

  • Find out how many players are needed for the game you selected so you know how many people to invite.
  • Have adequate seating, lighting and a sturdy table.
  • Prepare finger foods ahead of time to keep the game going without delay. I suggest placing food, beverages, plates, cups and napkins on a nearby table for convenience.
  • Give each player a can cooler customized with a fun saying such as “Game Night Junkie!” to keep drink condensation off the table. Coasters also do the trick!
  • Provide gifts for the winners. I suggest a basket filled with snacks, a bottle of wine, a deck of cards and/or a gift card to a hobby store.

An evening of arts and crafts

arts and crafts

An arts and crafts at-home party is fun for all ages. Think about the guests you’d like to invite and choose a DIY activity that fits most. The less complicated, the better. Keep your budget in mind, too; some activities require expensive supplies. Select projects that can be completed in the time allotted.

Here are a few arts and crafts projects to consider:

Disney binge-watching

personalized styrofoam bowls for snacks

This is definitely a kids’ evening of fun but don’t be surprised if a few adults want to join in! It doesn’t take much to make this special. Mickey and the gang will take care of that!

First, choose a movie line-up. Browse the top 150 Disney movies or just select the ones you already know and love. Some of my favs are Toy Story 2, Old Yeller, The Incredibles, Miracle on 34th Street and The Lion King. What’s yours?

Have plenty of blankets, pillows and floor space for sprawling out in front of the TV or outside big screen. Food and drink choices should be simple. Focus on the least amount of mess, if that’s possible with little ones! Here are some great foodie ideas:

Trivia night!

quiz activity sheet

Tap into a world of obscure facts with a challenging trivia night party! It’s best to choose a topic and a level of difficulty that is appropriate for all ages. Other tidbits to think about:

  • Be sure to establish and share rules before you get started.
  • Depending on the number of people invited, you may want to create teams.
  • Unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, use one of the many online trivia resources. I like trivia.fyi and the many categories it offers.
  • Have a pen and paper handy to keep score or use a score-keeping app.
  • Simple finger foods are best (seeing a pattern here?). You can’t go wrong with a variety of party appetizers!
  • Make it easy on yourself by creating a big-batch cocktail for adults and the option to “bring your own beverage” if guests prefer.

Spa party for entertaining at home

The key to a great spa party is setting the mood. Soothing music and aromatic scents are a must! Check out these ideas:

Candles. I trust the experts at Spa & Beauty Today for the perfect candle. Light one in the main spa area and another in each bathroom. Wrap ribbon around smaller candles to create a thoughtful party favor guests can take home.

Custom water bottles. One of the most important things to achieving good health is staying hydrated! Customize water bottles with something inspirational such as “Make time for yourself.” Fill each with fruit-infused water and have them ready to grab in a bed of ice. I love the design of our 27 oz. Translucent Flip Straw Water Bottle. You can order just 12 for a little more than $5 each!

Soften the skin. Feeling creative? Make a DIY body scrub that guests can try at the party or take home. Place each jar of body scrub in a personalized gift bag or roomy tote bag for easy carrying. No time for that DIY stuff? Buy one of the top-rated body scrubs as selected by Good Housekeeping.

Grazing. Fresh fruit, vegetables and yummy cheese slices are good choices for snacking. But let’s not forget to indulge a bit! Add some dark chocolate nibbles, refreshing mints or homemade mini desserts to round out your mini-buffet.

For more budget-friendly, at-home entertainment supplies, visit Totally Promotional.

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