Prescription drugs are the cornerstone of modern medicine. But managing multiple medications can be overwhelming and dangerous without custom pill boxes.

According to recent estimates, about 66 percent of U.S. adults take prescription drugs. The average American takes four different prescriptions each day! Forgetting what to take and when can lead to serious health consequences.

Fortunately, pill boxes can help patients safely organize medications to avoid unsafe drug mix-ups.

Why should I use a pill box?

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The most obvious reason to use a promotional pill box is to ensure medications are taken correctly.

Nearly 50 percent of people forget to take their prescription meds at least once per month. One in every 250 visits to the ER are due to adverse drug effects often caused by medication mix-ups and interactions.

Consuming prescription drugs at the wrong time, in the wrong doses or simply not at all, can have life-threatening results. Taking medications correctly helps maintain their effectiveness and avoid unwanted side effects.

A customized pill box or pill organizer can be a lifesaving tool for the elderly or those dealing with various physical and/or mental disabilities. They are instrumental for nursing homes, assisted living centers and other facilities where medications are dispensed regularly to patients and residents.

How bulk pill containers benefit healthcare providers

Doctors and other caregivers want the best for their patients. But after issuing a prescription, the responsibility of taking the medications properly is often out of their hands.

Giving your patients 7-day pill boxes with your name or logo printed on the containers accomplishes four main goals:

  • Makes it more likely the medications you order are taken properly
  • Allows you to put your contact information on the pill box for easy access
  • Shows your patients you care about their well-being
  • Helps to market your practice or healthcare facility

Tips for selecting and using custom pill boxes

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Browse our complete selection of pill boxes to find the style and size that best fits your target audience.

A few of our bestsellers: The Jumbo Twice-A-Day Pill Tray has seven removable compartments with morning and night labels. For long-term pill organization, the Rainbow Jumbo Medicine Tray Organizer is a fantastic choice.

Take a few moments to read through these helpful tips before ordering custom pill packs for your patients or business:

  • Look for easy-open pill boxes for patients with disabilities or other physical struggles. All of the pill boxes at Totally Promotional are designed to be opened easily by most patients.
  • Shop for containers that are easy to read and well-marked, especially for patients or customers with visual impairments. The Jumbo-7 All-Week Pill Box shows the days of the week in large letters.
  • Choose pill boxes with extra-large compartments to hold big pills such as fish oil tablets and other supplements.
  • Look for more compact styles to fit those who frequently travel. The Pill Container Keytag has a strong key ring, screw-on cap and built-in pill case.
  • Select a pill box that also doubles as a first aid kit! The Pill Box With Bandages does the trick. It includes three pill compartments, an easy-open lid and holds several bandages for minor emergencies.

How to organize meds for drug safety

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Whether you’re a caregiver for a loved one or operate an urgent care facility, it’s important to know how to handle and store medications. Read through these tips to help you and your patients:

  • Read the consumer medicine information leaflet you should receive from the pharmacist or physician issuing you prescription drugs. It contains all the information and warnings about the drugs you are prescribed.
  • Avoid storing medications in the bathroom. Heat and moisture from showers and baths can damage all types of medication. It’s best to store pills in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.
  • If you’re not sure about the medication prescribed or the doses, ask questions! Talk to your pharmacist or doctor to get the answers you need.
  • Know the active ingredients in the drugs you take. This can help you avoid drug interactions with other medications or even the foods and drinks you consume.
  • Ensure your doctor or pharmacist is aware if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking any new medicines.
  • Check expiration dates regularly on the medications you take.
  • Keep a copy of your prescriptions with you when traveling.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, store medications in a dark, cool place away from children and pets.
  • Be sure to get refills in a timely manner so you don’t run out of the medicines prescribed to you. Most pharmacies can refill meds in a few hours, but others may take longer.
  • Dispose of drugs responsibly when you no longer take them or they have expired. Contact your local law enforcement agency or health department for information on drug take-back programs in your area.

Order custom pill boxes for the people you care about

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Overall, custom pill boxes are effective tools for managing multiple medications and avoiding dangerous drug mix-ups. By using them, patients can stay organized, avoid missed doses and reduce the risk of medication errors.

An added bonus: Giving out pill containers to patients as giveaways shows you care.

Using items such as personalized pill boxes as gifts or swag puts you and your business in a positive light. It says you care enough to invest in your patients’ health and safety.

That’s a healthy dose of compassion that’s much needed today.

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