Planning a birthday party for kids or adults is much less stressful if you’re organized. Learning a few tips on how to plan a birthday party can make everything run much smoother.

A birthday party checklist keeps you on track and prepared. It’s like having a professional planner at your side. What could be better? A free party planning checklist!

You likely won’t do everything on this birthday party checklist but it might give you ideas to explore. Besides, I didn’t want you to miss a single thing!

Free printable birthday party checklist

Date _______________________________
Time _______________________________
Location ___________________________

Birthday Party Theme ______________
Games/Activities ____________________
Guest Favors ________________________




Birthday Party Checklist:

4 to 6 Weeks Before

Set date and time
Choose and confirm a location
Create a guest list
Create a budget
Decide on a theme
Hire a photographer or designate someone to take photos
Determine an RSVP date
Make/order invitations or create an online version
Send invitations (via mail or online)
Select/order tableware (table covers, plates, cups, utensils, napkins)

3 to 4 Weeks Before

Designate a special area for food and gifts
Decide on décor items based on theme
Order a customized birthday banner for entrance/photo booth
Confirm a guest count
Order personalized guest favors and party supplies
Order customized favor, treat or tote bags for guests
Rent a bouncy house, karaoke machine, etc., for children
Plan music/entertainment, games and other activities
Get prizes for game winners
Rent tables, linens, dishes, if needed
Gather ideas for a photo booth with props

2 Weeks Before

Plan lighting
Create a menu including birthday cake and take-home treats for guests
Start a shopping list

1 Week Before

Purchase all food and party supplies
Ensure adequate parking, create signage if needed
Designate a safe area for coats/purses

1 Day Before

Clean house thoroughly or have the work scheduled (if at-home party)
Prepare any food that can be made ahead

Day of Party
Finish prepping food and drinks; chill beverages
Fill guest treat bags with goodies
Do last-minute cleaning (if at-home party)
Set up tables for guests, food and drinks, gifts
Create photo booth
Place snacks on tables
Get dressed and ready to party!

How to plan a birthday party the easy way!

birthday party koozies and sunglasses on table

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