8 restaurant marketing ideas to drive business

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Restaurants across the U.S. are seeking practical ways to recover from the COVID-19 fallout.

One proven solution: Get your name out there with unique restaurant supplies and giveaways. Logoed promotional items have successfully branded businesses for more than 200 years.

How do you promote a restaurant with a slim budget?

Sales from restaurants and other food-service industries fell by $240 billion during the pandemic in 2020, according to a National Restaurant Association report. This left many retailers with limited funds for advertising or branding.

That’s where promotional products come in. Customized restaurant supplies and giveaways are bulk-priced for affordability. Their power to reach target audiences is nothing short of amazing. A single promotional item, such as a beer glass with your logo, nets about 340 impressions per month.

The growing selection of promotional items makes it easy to choose products that work for family restaurants, coffee shops and cozy diners. Here are a few of our most popular:

8 restaurant marketing products

1. T-Shirts/Polo Shirts

custom restaurant polo shirts

Put your logo on casual T-shirts and crisp polo shirts for your employees to wear on and off the clock. They will appreciate the gift and you’ll get ongoing advertising! Professionally printed company apparel also helps to unite your staff.

2. Cups with Lids & Straws

coffee shop custom cups

To-go cups or kids’ cups with meals are a restaurant necessity. Customers of all ages love the spill-proof lids and handy straws for soda, tea and milk. These reusable, logoed cups will be taken home where your logo will be seen for months or years! Add your contact info on the cups to encourage future food orders.

3. Custom Barware

custom pint glasses for bar and grill

Give your restaurant, club or bar a professional touch with customized beer and wine glasses. Placing your logo on a 16 oz. pint glass gives your business class and shows pride in your establishment. Customers who prefer the taste of the vine will love the feel of our Hexagonal Stem Wine Glass in their hands.

4. Personalized Coasters

personalized restaurant coasters

Keep a stack of custom coasters on each table and the bar to reduce annoying moisture rings. Our most popular pulpboard coasters are available in 40-, 60- and 80-point thicknesses and a variety of traditional and fun shapes. We also have cork, foam and other quality materials that will perfectly show off your logo.

5. Custom-Printed Banners

custom banner hung in coffee shop

Beautiful, custom banners quickly let customers know you’re open and ready to serve. Hungry motorists often make spur-of-the-moment decisions on meals and snacks. Hang a banner in plain view that says your restaurant is open for business, your menu has changed or you have jobs to fill. Many banner sizes, materials and hanging options are available.

6. Personalized Paper Bags

custom paper bags with red restaurant logo

Dine-in restaurant business dwindled but carry-out service grew when COVID-19 struck. In turn, the need for take-out paper bags swelled for all types of eateries. Avoid the plain, brown bag look. Place your restaurant logo on a Kraft Paper Coffee Bag or our best-selling Rizzo Kraft Eco Paper Bag to brag where that tasty chimichanga or Danish pastry came from.

7. Custom Pens

fast food pens

Give customers a useful gift and they’ll be back. Write your own ticket to success with a basket of customized pens placed near your restaurant’s entrance or cash register. Customers will happily slip these popular giveaways into purses or pockets to use wherever they go.

8. Customized Crayons

promotional crayons with logo for restaurant kids menu

Tame the kiddos with promotional crayons while food is being prepared. Your restaurant’s name will be printed on the front of every box of non-toxic crayons. Pair them with our Eat Right Eat Healthy Coloring Books, or simply print your own coloring pages with seasonal themes.

Face the challenge ahead

Excuse the pun, but this is your bread and butter we’re talking about and it’s time to take action. No one knows what 2021 has in store for the restaurant industry but we see good signs ahead. Let promotional products boost your sales and build your brand bigger and better than before!

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