We all love getting a little something extra when we spend money. Koozies® as gifts keep your budget intact and make your friends and family happy!

I’m a savvy shopper so when I get an unexpected discount or a freebie at checkout, it’s like winning the lottery. I feel like a smart shopper. Experiences like that almost always lure me back to buy again.

Isn’t that how you want your customers to feel?

Small gifts can deliver big benefits

custom koozie giveaways

Some of our most successful clients give away custom koozies as gifts with purchases. Foam koozies (can coolers) are practical, low-cost and small enough to tuck into any size gift bag or box.

Our Premium Collapsible Foam Can Coolers costs about 30 cents each. Delivery and second-side imprints are free!

Imagine the look on your customer’s face when they find a fun, free koozie slipped in with their purchases. Trust me, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness. Studies show that 85 percent of people who receive promotional products recall the company that gave it to them.

“Customers actually use these products on a day-to-day basis because they’re functional and cute! Meanwhile, my brand gains consumer awareness.”

Gresham Meek of Gresham Jewelry

Gresham Meek uses custom can coolers as gifts to impress her customers and enhance branding for her business, Gresham Jewelry.

“I include customized koozies in my customers’ orders,” she said. “It’s a branding tool for my business that has become a signature trait for our company. Each season I order new koozies with new colors and designs, always incorporating my brand logo and information.”

The amazing jewelry and other unique collections Meek designs and creates are delivered to happy shoppers around the world. Every time her customers use their koozies, her logo gets exposure.

According to a marketing study, each piece of customized drinkware generates 1,400 impressions per lifetime. That’s an incredible return on investment for any brand!

Gresham Jewelry Koozies

Meek of Dallas, Texas, said she first ordered printed koozies from Totally Promotional several years ago when preparing for a jewelry show. She said the quality and pricing was the best around; the entire ordering process was fast and user-friendly, she added.

Using koozies as gifts with purchases for marketing makes good business sense, Meek said.

“The customized koozies are a unique way for me to thank my customers while expanding brand awareness,” she explained. “Customers actually use these products on a day-to-day basis because they’re functional and cute! Meanwhile, my brand gains consumer awareness. It’s a win-win for my company and my customers.”

Plenty of options for giving gifts with purchases

custom gift options for purchases

Koozies® and can coolers aren’t the only promotional products used to win over customers. Keep these suggestions in mind when ordering personalized gifts:

  • Buy affordable items in bulk. The more you buy, the bigger the savings.
  • Choose lightweight items that are easy to store and cost less to ship.
  • Select small items that fit inside the boxes and bags you use.
  • Look for products that relate to your business or company theme.
  • Avoid items that might break during delivery.

Here are a few other compact, personalized gifts to give customers who buy from you:

Start shopping or chat with one of our experienced representatives if you have questions. I’m sure we can help you find the perfect gifts to give your customers!

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