A desire to keep people safe is a really good reason to add self-defense keychains to your marketing plan.

Violent crime increased in the largest U.S. cities in 2023 compared to pre-pandemic years. Motor vehicle thefts jumped 104 percent and homicides took the lives of 8,656 people during that same timeframe.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can prevent us from becoming victims. Safety keychains with your personal design are small tools with big benefits. Totally Promotional offers many different styles of keychains to help keep your staff, students or customers safe from the unthinkable.

Do self-defense keychains work?

person pointing a customizable flashlight keychain

No tools or safety mechanisms can guarantee a person’s safety. However, some features on the customized keychains with logos at Totally Promotional can help keep your group safe.

Keychains with lights and whistles can deter criminals. Features such as these can also draw the attention of law enforcement or others who can help if someone is about to be robbed, assaulted or carjacked.

Although we can’t guarantee anyone’s safety by using our keychains, we are certain these promotional products deliver the branding power you want.

By printing your organization’s name and logo on protection keychains you are telling everyone that you care. And that’s a good look for you!

Promotional keychains give your brand numerous opportunities for exposure. Statistics show that 40 percent of consumers keep some promotional items more than 10 years. That exposes your brand to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

Are self-defense keychains illegal?

The self-defense keychains offered at Totally Promotional can be legally carried in most public places. We currently do not offer self-protection keychains with pepper spray or other highly regulated or restricted features.

Totally Promotional does offer keychains with features such as LED lights and mini tools that may be prohibited in some places. We suggest checking the rules at airports, concert venues, public buildings or transit systems for any restrictions they may have.

What should be on self-defense keychains?

person holding a customizable floating wrist keychain

The types of features to look for on safety keychains depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for defense keychains to hand out at trade shows, keep it basic with items such as our Nifty LED Key Ring. A simple press of a button will activate the bright light in an emergency.

Are you an employer seeking a safety gift to give workers? The Two-Tone Whistle Keychain is right up your alley. Employees can use to make a shrill noise if they feel uncomfortable in a parking lot or while taking a walk.

The bottom line: Wholesale, self-defense keychains on the market today have many special features to keep people safe. Think about who you plan to give them to and what safety gear they would most appreciate.

12 most popular safety promotional keychains

various examples of customizable keychains

Our selection of safety keychains and self-defense keychains for women continues to expand at Totally Promotional. Take a moment to browse these customer favorites:

  1. 2-in-2 Key Chain Light and Bottle Opener
  2. Lighted Whistle Keychain
  3. Coil Whistle Keychain
  4. Floating Wrist Keychain
  5. Lifesaver Keychain
  6. LED Cylinder Flashlight Key Ring
  7. Train Whistle Keychain
  8. Little Buddy Multi-Tool Keychain
  9. Safety Whistle Keychain
  10. LED Key Chain Light With Bottle Opener (engraved design)
  11. Touchless Door Opener Sanitary Key (full-color design)
  12. Flashlight Key Chain With Bottle Opener (engraved design)

For specific safety keychains, shop our engraved keychains, flashlight keychains and floating keychains.

Make a statement with safety keychains

It can be difficult today for businesses and organizations to establish an identity. It’s not enough to craft a great About Us page on your website or develop a strong brand voice. As the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Using safety keychains as giveaways at trade shows, open houses, festivals and sporting events will show your concern for others. And since keychains are useful promotional products, consumers will happily use them and think about you in a positive manner each time.

Shop safety keychains today and do something great for your clients and yourself.

Source for crime statistics: Council on Criminal Justice

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