Smart business owners use corporate swag to unite employees, thank customers and boost marketing.

Yes, branded promotional products can do it all without wrecking your budget.

As a business owner or manager, it’s important to keep your employees and customers happy. But you also have to market your company in the most effective and affordable way possible. This is where business swag comes in.

What is company swag?

customized clip, stress ball and phone wallet

Company swag is promotional items printed with a business name or logo. These branded products are used in many ways, such as trade show giveaways, achievement awards or gifts for Employee Appreciation Day.

Corporate swag is essential for marketing your company. Your logo can make hundreds or even thousands of impressions over a lifetime on a customized polo shirt, business care magnet or travel mug.

How does corporate swag work?

Your personalized items will be taken out into the world and seen by potential customers. This can help increase your brand visibility and create buzz about your business. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than running a full-scale ad campaign.

Aside from the branding benefits, corporate swag for workers can also boost productivity and overall job satisfaction. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to work harder and be happier in their jobs. Giving out swag items can also create a sense of unity among your workforce.

The bottom line: Company swag is ideal for motivating your staff and attracting customers. And while achieving those goals it exposes your name better than any other type of advertising!

Best corporate swag ideas

Businesses today can successfully use personalized promotional products in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions from the experts at Totally Promotional:

Onboarding kits

customized coffee mug with business logo and woman on laptop

Place office supplies or useful personal items in packets for new employees.

Suggestions: Water bottles, coffee mugs, hand sanitizer

Corporate apparel

woman walking wearing a promotional sweatshirt

Give each member of your team some type of custom apparel to wear on or off company time.

Suggestions: T-shirts, polos and button-ups, sweatshirts, hats

Remote employee gifts

customized business logo tumbler

Give your work-at-home employees an item or two with the company logo to keep them feeling connected.

Suggestions: Tumblers, tech accessories, chargers and power banks

Low-budget giveaways

custom koozies with white logo

Buy smaller items in bulk to use as lobby or community event giveaways.

Suggestions: Can coolers, keychains, drawstring bags, pens

Eco-friendly items

eco-friendly notebook and pen set customized

Show customers and potential clients your concern for the environment with eco-friendly and sustainable giveaway items.

Suggestions: Shop our Eco-Friendly Promotional Giveaways page

Coffee lover rewards

business coasters for a coffee shop

Whether your target audience is at home, work or on the road, great coffee gifts are always welcome!

Suggestions: Ceramic mugs, stainless steel tumblers, coasters

Healthy handouts

promotional lip balm

Keep your crew on the job and feeling well. Giving wellness and safety promo items to your staff and customers shows you care.

Suggestions: Lip balm, first aid kits, sunscreen, hot and cold packs

Tech awards

customized phone holder on a desk

Everyone on your list can use tech items at one time or another. They’ll appreciate these practical, personalized gifts.

Suggestions: Earbuds, phone stands, screen cleaners, selfie lights, blue light glasses

Trade show giveaways

customized clip holding a business card

You can’t go wrong with trade show giveaways that draw crowds! Be the vendor everyone wants to visit.

Suggestions: Browse our Trade Show Giveaways page

Safety kits and tool kits

promotional tool kit with drill bits and screwdriver

Responsible businesses invest in safety and repair items for their employees, patients and clients. Wellness is a goal we all share.

Suggestions: Safety apparel, bandages, pill boxes, tools

Cool company swag makes you look good

Every time your employees or customers use your unique company swag they’ll be reminded of your brand. Isn’t that the goal of every good marketing plan?

Corporate swag is a great investment for any business looking to boost morale and market their brand in a cost-effective way. By giving out promotional items to employees and customers, you’ll create a sense of unity, improve productivity and increase brand visibility.

Shop our site for the perfect swag to fit your budget and needs. Let us create promotional products for you and watch your business grow!

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