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Winter wedding ideas to keep guests healthy and safe

winter wedding ideas 2020

Plans for a winter wedding this year should include steps to protect your guests.

A big part of the precautions you’ll want to take is due to COVID-19, but seasonal influenza and the common cold are on the horizon, too. Stay calm! You can make your wedding day the fabulous celebration you dreamed about and promote health and safety.

Here are a few ways to reduce germs and create a safe party for your guests:

10 ideas to protect winter wedding guests

winter wedding ideas for 2020
  1. Give winter wedding favors with health benefits.
    Custom wedding hand sanitizer and foam face masks are thoughtful gifts your guests will appreciate. Both are easy to customize online with your names and unique designs in colors that match your theme.

    I recommend placing baskets of hand sanitizer and face masks by the entranceway for the convenience of your guests. It’s also a good idea to put a few of these popular wedding favors near the gift table, at the bar and in restrooms.
  2. Tie the knot and celebrate at the same venue.
    Snowy or slick roadways could create a hazard for some guests, especially those attending from out of town. Using the same venue for your wedding service and celebration is safer and likely less complicated for everyone.

    Ask the owner of the building or your wedding planner to create a separate area to exchange vows. Often a few minor adjustments in decorations can temporarily transform an adjacent space. Tip: Ensure your wedding theme and colors are consistent in both areas.
  3. Keep your I Do Crew toasty.
    Guys typically wear tuxes that offer warmth in chilly weather, but bridesmaid dresses are another story. If your bride tribe will be showing some skin, it might be wise to add shawls, capes or shoulder wraps to their winter wedding attire.

    And just because the groom and his squad have warmer clothing, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate some comfort. A sweater vest or casual wool jacket may be a great alternative to that stuffy suit after dinner.
  4. Add lip balm and soothing lotion to gift bags for out-of-town guests.
    Help heal cracked lips and dry hands of guests who are coming from further away. They will appreciate the gesture! Use customized wedding lip balm and personalized wedding gift bags to highlight the colors and theme of your special day.

    Other great ideas to place in those welcome bags include a map of the local area, a sample bottle from a local winery, snacks and an itinerary of the wedding day. (One of my favorite gift bag stuffers is scratch-off lottery tickets!)
  5. Don’t keep guests waiting outside.
    Avoid a bottleneck at the entranceway by placing your guest book and gift table further inside. If you’re planning a receiving line to welcome family and friends at the door, be sure it moves quickly so no one is left outside shivering.
  6. Clear the way on your wedding day.
    A winter wedding in some parts of the country, such as our Buckeye State, can include snow and ice! Be sure the parking lot and sidewalks your guests will encounter are clear and dry. Contact the owner or manager of your venue several months before your wedding day to confirm such a plan.
  7. Do a temperature check.
    Find out how to control the temperature at your wedding event space. Will you have access to the thermostat? Is there someone who can adjust it for you? You certainly don’t want guests chilled to the bone or working up a nasty sweat on the dance floor. Hint: Keep elderly guests seated away from doorways or other drafty areas.
  8. Warm their bellies, too!
    Cozy winter treats can have a calming effect that helps keep everyone healthy! Studies show that people with less stress are better able to battle the common cold and other illnesses.

    Create a hot cocoa or coffee bar (or both!) with customized wedding mugs guests can take home as favors. Another idea is to serve frosted wedding cups pre-filled with warm apple cobbler or iced gingerbread cake. Mmm!
  9. Have a communication plan
    Sadly, an outbreak of COVID-19 or a forecasted snowstorm could prompt you to delay wedding plans. That would be devastating. But it would be much worse if uninformed guests took risks to attend the postponed event.

    Use multiple communication modes such as your wedding website, a group text, social media or a phone chain to let guests know the status of your big day.
  10. Hire a cleaning crew.
    Spread joy not germs by hiring people to clean surfaces and floors during your celebration. Have your cleaning crew inconspicuously wipe down coffee bars, properly dispose of trash and sweep floors as needed.

Share your winter wedding tips for safety

Are you planning a winter wedding 2020? What extra steps are you planning to ensure the safety and good health of your guests?

Share your tips and great ideas in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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