Finding the right boss lady gifts for female executives can be tricky.

I’m here to help with a dozen of the best female boss gifts! But before I share these outstanding ideas with you, let’s talk about why it’s smart to give gifts to your female bosses.

Women’s roles keep expanding

Women are making a significant contribution to the workforce all over the world, especially in high-management jobs. According to the latest research, women now hold 31.7 percent of top executive positions across all industries. In 2022, 32.8 percent of university presidents were women — that’s triple from 1986.

Half of our top office management team at Totally Promotional are women. They fill the positions of chief operating officer, sales manager, human resources director and business manager.

Slightly more than 87 percent of Totally Promotional’s plant management team are also women! These females lead as quality control managers, department coordinators, expediter and rates coordinator.

Women across the U.S. who typically handle big decisions and workloads on the job often juggle numerous family responsibilities at home, too. It’s quite a lot for one person! That’s why it’s essential to recognize these ladies for their leadership and achievements.

One of the best ways to acknowledge these top women who regularly inspire others is to give them thoughtful gifts. Keep reading to discover the top 12 boss lady gifts that every career-driven woman would love.

12 boss lady gifts for women leaders

Having trouble deciding on appropriate boss lady gifts? No worries! I’m going to share the best ideas for all the executive women in your organization. Each of these gifts can be customized with your corporate logo to boost branding.

1. Custom metal water bottles

customizable metal water bottle

Hydration is essential for everyone, especially for women who always seem to be on the move. A metal water bottle is a functional and stylish gift. Your female supervisors or managers will carry these to work or use them while working out at the gym. You can even personalize these sturdy water bottles with a motivating workout quote.

Customized metal water bottles at Totally Promotional are available in popular brand-names such as h2go®, Takeya®, EcoVessel® and MiiR®. Choose from nearly two dozen colors to match your company logo, and enjoy free delivery!

2. Promotional women’s apparel

personalizable women's apparel

Printed hoodies and personalized polos are versatile gifts that female bosses can wear to work or out running errands. Custom vests and jackets with your company name in popular colors and styles are a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Browse our brand-name women’s apparel by Nike®, Jerzees® and Nautica® and other trusted names. You’ll save big bucks when ordering just six or 36 at our low, wholesale prices! Take advantage of free delivery on many apparel items.

3. Bulk messenger bags

black promotional messenger bag

A messenger bag is a practical and professional gift for any female boss. It can carry her laptop, phone, documents and other work essentials while keeping her hands-free. Personalized messenger bags will help your lady bosses stay organized in the office and while traveling.

Select from Totally Promotional’s expanded selection of branded messenger bags made with durable materials such as polyester and polycanvas. Minimum orders start at 12 on select styles. Learn how to choose the right messenger or travel bag.

4. Personalized auto safety kits

promotional car safety and emergency kit

Car emergency kits are thoughtful gifts for female supervisors who often travel for work. They let your women bosses know you care about their safety. Most custom auto safety kits include items like flashlights, first aid kits, jumper cables and other essentials that can be helpful in emergencies.

Browse the many different styles and sizes of car emergency kits at Totally Promotional. We even have specific recommendations for winter driving. Decide which kit has the items you feel are essential and let our professionals print your logo on each.

5. Wholesale notebooks and journals

customizable notebook with a pen

A personalized notebook or journal is a handy and stylish gift for all your boss ladies. They’ll be glad to have them nearby when they need to take notes during meetings or jot down ideas for an upcoming project.

Custom notebooks at Totally Promotional are offered in nearly two dozen popular colors. Check out the wide variety of materials, from metal to vinyl, and plenty of options for your full-color design.

6. Affordable tech accessories

custom branded headphone tech accessory

These are gifts for the female boss who has everything! Tech accessories such as custom selfie lights and personalized power banks are functional gifts for the office or home. In today’s digital world, female managers and executives need all the high-tech accessories they can get to perform at their best.

Promotional tech items are the gifts your female bosses need to keep the office running smooth. Show your bosses they’re worth it by shopping top brands such as Bluetooth® and SCX Design®.

7. Customized embroidered blankets

personalized embroidered blanket with a logo

A cozy and soft embroidered blanket is a comforting gift for a female boss who likes to work from home or relax after a hard day. Your embroidered logo on each blanket will remind every female boss how the company supports them and appreciates their work.

Choose a fleece, chenille or other plush material from Totally Promotional’s growing custom embroidered blanket selection. With seemingly endless color choices and styles, you’ll have your boss ladies smiling in no time! Learn which fonts are best for embroidering products.

8. Custom-printed umbrellas

promotional umbrella with a business logo

Custom umbrellas are one of the most practical yet high-end gifts you can give female bosses without breaking your budget. Imagine how grateful these ladies will feel when their corporate umbrellas keep them dry in a downpour as they dash for their car!

Select from printed golf umbrellas, low-cost automatic umbrellas and unique inverted umbrellas in more than a dozen gorgeous colors. Print setup is free on many styles. Shop our bestselling SHED RAIN® umbrellas for durability and easy handling.

9. Branded coolers

personalized brand name cooler

Personalized coolers are a fun and functional gift for the female boss who enjoys outdoor activities like hikes, picnics or camping. They are also practical gifts she can take to the office to keep her lunch, drinks and snacks cold all day.

From small to extra-large coolers, Totally Promotional has an amazing range of sizes and styles. Choose from coolers that easily collapse, can be printed with your full-color design and offer multiple pockets for storage. Your lady bosses will feel the love with a brand-name cooler from Igloo®, iCOOL® or Coleman®.

10. Promo folding chairs

custom folding chairs with your logo

Remind those executive women they deserve some downtime by gifting them with customized folding chairs. They’ll feel like queens as they sit in these durable chairs on the beach, at their child’s ballgame or a friendly backyard BBQ.

Foldable lawn chairs with your company logo are available in polyester and nylon at Totally Promotional. Order as few as 12 at affordable prices that keep you on budget.

11. Custom yoga and beach mats

customizable personal yoga mat

Shop for gifts that match your boss ladies’ lifestyle and fitness needs: bulk yoga and beach mats. These colorful accessories provide comfort, security and style in a functional gift they’ll use often.

The beauty of yoga and beach mats at Totally Promotional is the many styles available. Shop for mats with carrying cases, shoulder straps and other features you know your bosses will appreciate! Minimum order quantities start at 24 but with such low prices you’ll want more.

12. Branded engraved pens

custom engraved metal pen

A fancy, engraved pen is a symbol of power and authority. Giving these as gifts to your female department heads is a show of respect. Engraved pens are simple yet thoughtful gifts that tell your female bosses how much you value and recognize their dedication to the company.

Custom engraved pens at Totally Promotional are made with durable metal that will fit nicely in your bosses’ hands. Look for brand-names such as Sharpie® and other pens that make lasting impressions.

Best times to honor female bosses

Anytime is a good time to let your boss ladies know how important they are to your company or organization. But here are a few specific times you might consider giving them something special:

Give boss lady gifts that make everyone feel good

Face it, gift-giving can be awkward. It’s not easy to find the right present to say “thank you” or “congratulations.”

But honoring the contribution of female bosses is crucial in today’s business world. By gifting them with thoughtful items, you can show that you value their worth and achievements.

Men are also valuable in the workforce and deserve thank-yous while on the job. Personalized gifts are also excellent ideas for the retiring men on your team.

Make awkward amazing for you and the women bosses at your company. Shop Totally Promotional now!

the party starts with custom can coolers

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