Add safety gift ideas to your marketing strategy to protect your crew and grow your brand.

Placing your logo or message on safety gifts and giveaways says you care about the welfare of the people around you. That gives a huge public relations boost to your business or group.

Safety is an important aspect to prioritize. CEOs, supervisors and others in leadership roles are responsible for the safety and security of others. Giving their crews affordable and customizable safety shirts, first aid kits, pill boxes or hand sanitizer can provide needed protection and promote good health.

Let me show you the many branding benefits of safety promotional items, and how these tools can be used throughout the year. Then discover the top 20 safety gift ideas for businesses, schools, organizations and government agencies.

How safety gifts promote efficiency and brands

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The types of safety gifts you choose to hand out is important. But equally important to note is the positive impact those items have on your company, staff or campaigns.

Safety gifts awarded to employees with excellent attendance, for example, remind them you appreciate their work and reliability. This type of positive reinforcement encourages good work habits, which can improve productivity.

Create an encouraging environment by handing out employee safety awards and gifts at special times throughout the year:

Like icing on the cake, you also get a bonus for using these safety gift ideas: effective and cheap branding! Every time your employees or other recipients wear or use your customized safety gifts, your name and logo will be exposed to others.

Outerwear, such as personalized safety t-shirts with logo, can draw more than 5,000 impressions during its lifetime. Keep in mind that most promotional products are kept six months or longer. That’s a lot of brand exposure!

Purchasing safety gifts in large quantities to use year-round when various occasions arise is a smart move for any marketing or human resources department. Many promotional items cost less than $1 when ordered in bulk. Heck, we even have an entire selection for Products Under $1.

Top 20 safety gift ideas

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Drum roll, please! Here are the top safety gifts at Totally Promotional. Each can be customized with your company logo, inspirational message or awareness slogan.

  1. Hot and cold packs
  2. Safety shirts
  3. Sunscreen
  4. First aid kits
  5. Bandages
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Custom fanny packs
  8. Flashlight keychains
  9. Tool kits
  10. Flashlights
  11. Pot holders
  12. Blue light glasses
  13. Branded chargers and power banks
  14. Promotional Sunglasses
  15. Logo lip balm
  16. Sports cooling towels
  17. Stress balls
  18. Cutting boards
  19. Wristbands
  20. Antibacterial wipes

To summarize the value of safety gifts …

Safety and wellness gifts are excellent marketing tools for all types of businesses, schools, organizations and awareness campaigns. While promoting safety, they also show your commitment and gratitude toward employees, students and customers.

Personalizing safety swag with your logo or message is a budget-friendly branding method. Distribute these gifts regularly to promote safety and remind your staff or team of your commitment to their wellbeing.

Bulk-priced, safety gifts are practical and can be used for many purposes throughout the year, which saves you big bucks on long-term advertising costs. Consider giving the gift of safety to your team.

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