Tips on how to tie a T-shirt can make oversized tees look cute and stylish.

Some people love to wear baggy T-shirts with extra room to move around. I’m one of them! But sometimes we accidentally buy a size or two bigger than we need, or our favorite tees lose their shape over time.

No worries!

collection of customizable t-shirts folded

If you love those T-shirts with fun sayings and designs, don’t throw them away when they get a bit too loose. You might love them even more after learning how to tie them for cute, new looks.

It’s a fact that oversized or stretched out T-shirts can become just as adorable as any other top in your closet. Knotting and tying T-shirts can totally transform the look of your tees and give them a more complimentary shape on any body type.

None of the T-shirt tricks I’m going to show you are difficult. Even kids can learn how to tuck, tie and knot their tees for fun styles in minutes! In just five steps you can create a great new look for your T-shirts!

Whether you’re looking for a sizzling T-shirt style to wear with jeans or as a swimsuit coverup, keep reading. You’re going to love these!

How to style oversized shirts

Our crew at Totally Promotional have many talents beyond artwork design, photography and printing! A few happily agreed to share techniques and tips for making ordinary T-shirts look chic and fashionable.

Watch our video for helpful ideas on how to boost the life of a loose-fitting tee. Then I’ll summarize the easy step-by-step directions to give your custom-printed T-shirts a new look!

3 ways to tie shirt knots

How to tie a T-shirt | 3 easy styles

The Front Knot

woman wearing a customizable t-shirt with a front knot

This one may be the easiest of all since you’ll be creating a knot in the front of your T-shirt. It’s up to you how high or low above your waist you want to tie this knot.

  • Step 1. Roll or fold up the T-shirt in back so it’s about the same length as you want in front.
  • Step 2. With both hands, gather up a section of the T-shirt material in the front.
  • Step 3. Twist the material while holding the end outward.
  • Step 4. Wrap the twisted material around itself to create a ball.
  • Step 5. Pull the end through the hole you created.

You can do this same knot in the back of your T-shirt near your waistline.

The Rubber Band Knot and Tuck

woman wearing a customziable t-shirt in the rubber band knot and tuck

Not everyone is great at tying knots. Don’t feel bad if your fingers feel like all thumbs! A simple rubber band is your solution.

  • Step 1. Gather one side of your shirt at the bottom.
  • Step 2. Hold the end of the gathered fabric with one hand; use your other hand to wrap the rubber band around the shirt near your waist.
  • Step 3. Tuck it all — including the rubber band knot — inside your shirt for a clean look.

The Pretzel Knot

woman wearing a customizable t-shirt in a pretzel knot

If you like to wear tops that end just above your waist, this one’s for you! Enjoy another fun twist-and-go T-shirt style!

  • Step 1. Use both hands to grab a piece of your shirt at the bottom on both sides. You may have to slightly roll the shirt up in front if it’s extra long.
  • Step 2. Bring both sides to the center and create a knot by crossing one end over the other.
  • Step 3. Place one of the ends into the loop/hole you just made.
  • Step 4. Tighten the knot by pulling both ends in opposite directions.
  • Step 5. You can leave the knot ends out or tuck them inside for a more defined look.

Teach others how to tie a T-shirt

woman wearing a customizable t-shirt outside an office building

These are just a few ideas to make your baggie T-shirts look amazing. Play around with these tips and maybe you’ll find a style you like better. If so, please share it in the comments below!

Want to teach others these fun T-shirt styling tricks? Do you have students or a group of friends who like DIY projects? (A learning session can become a really fun party!) Get started today!

Order a few customized T-shirts for your crew in the colors and sizes you need. I can help you out there, too, with tips on how to order custom T-shirts for a group and a calculator for how many tees to order.

Remember to order up a size or two for easier styling. Have fun!

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