Lanyards and custom badge holders single-handedly solve numerous issues for businesses.

Corporations for years have relied on personalized lanyards to keep workers safe and promote brand awareness. Name badge lanyards master these things at an amazing low cost.

Totally Promotional began customizing lanyards in 2015. Since that time, we’ve grown our selection of custom ID badge holders to fit every industry, from businesses lanyards to school lanyards. We offer several types of materials such as our most popular polyester lanyards.

But our biggest claim-to-fame is the professional way we print logos, names and other designs on custom badge holders. High-quality printing is standard for us because we know a company’s logo is key to promoting its brand.

Keep reading to find out how name badge lanyards can help your business succeed.

What is a lanyard?

A lanyard is a cord or strap to hold something (such as a knife or a whistle) and usually worn around the neck. This is Merriam-Webster’s definition and it’s a good start.

Most lanyards today hang around the neck and meet in front with a clip or other attachment. Lanyards most often are used to carry clear ID holders or keys.

Customizable lanyards are essential tools for businesses and are often included in employee onboarding packets. They are also worn by attendees at trade shows and are a favorite giveaway item at booths.

Custom badge holders at Totally Promotional are available in different textures, lengths and widths. You can choose from dozens of colors to match your company theme or event.

What are lanyards made for?

variety of customized lanyards with different clip options

Businesses are easily the top buyers of lanyards and custom badge holders for everyday use or special occasions. However, there are plenty of other organizations and groups that use them for a variety of purposes.

Top reasons to use custom badge holders:


Lanyards with badge holders keep names of employees visible to others when working in-house or off-site. They are also beneficial in identifying visitors to your business.

Customized badge lanyards can quickly identify people in their roles as speakers, IT staff, airport security, VIPs, volunteers, participants and organizers.


Lanyards for badges can help control access to secured areas. Security clearance levels can be displayed or digitally programmed into entry-access cards carried by badge lanyards.

College students use lanyards with clips around their necks or attached to bookbags to ensure their keys to dorms, apartments and vehicles are quickly accessible.


Providing customized lanyards to audiences or guests can help keep crowds organized and orderly. This is often a necessity at concerts or other venues where lots of people gather.

Color-coded lanyards are frequently used to separate big groups according to VIPs, office departments, participation, security clearance levels or activities.


woman wearing a customized badge id holder lanyard

Your staff and visitors become walking billboards for your company when wearing custom badge holders with your logo.

Every time someone wears or pulls out their lanyard in a public place such as a coffee shop or trade show, your company name is exposed. This builds low-cost brand recognition for your business or charitable organization. People trust brands they see frequently.

Lanyards at Totally Promotional can be printed with a one-color imprint or a full-color design to draw plenty of glances. Our step-and-repeat printing method gives your name or logo maximum visibility for attracting new clients.

Team unity

Your staff will feel more like a team when everyone is wearing a printed company lanyard. They give every associate a more professional look that boosts confidence and provides a feeling of belonging.

Custom lanyards for ID badges are extremely easy for employees to wear to conferences and meetings. Our lanyards are made with comfort in mind so healthcare workers and school officials can wear them all day.

Customer interaction

Lanyards customized with your store logo help clerks assist customers while remaining hands-free. Your employees can focus all of their attention on clients’ needs knowing keys or personal items are nearby and secure.

Lanyards also ensure that customers can identify workers when they need assistance. This provides assurance, trust and confidence in your business.

Why your business needs custom badge holders

Yes, I have even more reasons why you should order personalized lanyards!

  • Lanyards are waterproof, easily wiped clean and extremely durable.
  • Custom lanyards bulk priced are very economical. Our bestseller, the 3/4-in. Economy Polyester Lanyard, costs about 60 cents each when ordered in bulk quantities.
  • Minimum quantities for most styles start at 25.
  • We print our lanyards in-house, not by a third party. That means no hidden fees for you.
  • Lanyards perform double-duty by carrying badges and other items while promoting your brand!
  • All of our lanyards personalized with logos are lightweight and easy to store. You’ll save money by ordering large quantities for future use.
  • Lanyards are easy to put on and take off.
  • Personalized lanyards help avoid thefts when personal items are kept within an arm’s reach.
  • You will be assigned your own graphic account manager to answer all your questions about lanyards. All of our representatives work under one roof in our beautiful office in Coldwater, Ohio.

Bestselling lanyards at Totally Promotional

custom keychain lanyards with car keys

Take a look at our top-selling, personalized lanyards:

Browse our specific lanyards for shopping convenience:

How do you make custom lanyards?

custom lanyards being printed

Most promotional products companies use the same basic process to make lanyards with logos. However, there are subtle differences such as printing techniques.

We print our lanyards with dye sublimation and screen-printing methods. Our in-house experts choose the best fit for your lanyard style.

Dye sublimation gives your polyester lanyards an attractive, shiny finish and is best for detailed designs. Screen printing provides durability and accentuates bold designs that stand out.

Our lanyards are printed with a step-and-repeat pattern on one side or both sides for styles with full-color imprints.

Personalize with 60+ lanyard colors

Totally Promotional lanyards are available in more than 60 shades that were specifically selected for versatility and popular color trends.

Your first color choice when ordering is for the lanyard material. This is the base color of your lanyard. Choose a hue that matches or accents your company brand or organization theme.

Your next option is the imprint color, which is used for the logo or design that will appear on your lanyards. Be sure it contrasts well with your product color.

Most organizations have no trouble finding the colors they need from our broad selection. However, if you have very specific needs, we offer a Pantone Matching System (PMS color matching) on our full-color, dye-sublimated lanyards.

Choose handy lanyard attachments

lanyard attachment and clip options

We have an extensive selection of attachments and clips for lanyards that hold ID cards, keys, credit cards and cash. Think about how your lanyards will be used then choose the right attachments for your team or event.

We have practical and easy-to-wear lanyard accessories made specifically for trade shows, hospitals, school staff, concert VIPs and corporate events.

Take a look at our most popular lanyard clips and attachments:

  • Fixed Metal Bulldog Clip
  • Clear Vertical Badge Pouch
  • Clear Horizontal Badge Pouch With Bulldog Clip
  • Black Swivel Metal J-Hook
  • Black Metal Key Ring
  • Silver Swivel Metal J-Hook
  • Black Swivel J-Hook

Order personalized lanyards from the experts

Creating top-quality, custom lanyards is a science the Totally Promotional team mastered with years of experience. We measure our success by how well we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Count on our professional staff to create outstanding lanyards for your business. Shop our custom badge lanyards now!

stand out in a crowd with custom banner stands

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