School swag helps students and teachers feel appreciated and connected. Spirit wear and other personalized school merch create a sense of unity that is essential for a healthy learning environment.

From customized apparel to spirit giveaways, swag is a powerful tool that can motivate students and staff, drive good behavior and increase the sense of community. It’s also a fantastic means of branding for colleges and universities.

PTOs, administrators, coaches, teachers and academic clubs for decades have used school swag for awards, special achievements and fundraisers.

Sift through your own childhood memorabilia and you’re likely to find bulk-priced jackets and branded hats, drawstring bags, a lanyard and other items printed with your school name and mascot. Even years later, school swag stirs up a feeling of pride for your alma mater.

What is school swag?

orange metal water bottle with a school logo

School swag refers to customized products that are given away, awarded or sold to students and staff to raise money for special projects. Any items that are printed with your school name and/or mascot are considered school swag.

From custom water bottles to promotional apparel, the possibilities are endless for using school swag. Perhaps the best feature of school swag is its ability to be personalized with designs and text to fit every school-related need.

Here are just a few ways school promotional products can be used:

  • Academic achievement awards
  • School spirit stores
  • Excellent attendance awards
  • Game-day athletic wear
  • Teacher gifts
  • Fundraising
  • Pre-game apparel for games/meets
  • Club membership gear
  • Teacher training events
  • School board member gifts
  • College recruiting and orientation

What kind of swag do high school students like?

customized backpack with various school related supplies

It’s easy to please elementary school students with small gifts such as fun wristbands, stickers or customized flying discs. But what type of school swag do high school kids want? Spirit wear!

Custom spirit wear is any type of apparel that is designed to promote school spirit such as cheap custom T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and team hats. Take a look at our top 10 back-to-school spirit items to find out the hottest trends today.

Spirit wear allows students and staff to wear and represent their school and community in a fun and stylish way.

The popularity of brand-name clothing such as Nautica® and Nike® make spirit wear a great investment for your school. Your students will happily wear the latest trends from brands they know and names you trust.

Customized backpacks and tech gear also are popular today with high school students. Personalized classroom supplies such as pens, notebooks, and headphones with school branding are perfect for any age.

Consider ordering promotional items that reflect your district’s culture and showcase the uniqueness of your educational institution.

How to order school swag for events and groups

Totally Promotional makes customizing all school swag quick and easy online. Our ordering process walks you through each step, from choosing the spirit items you want to uploading your design.

Want a little more guidance on selecting and ordering spirit wear? Take a look at these expert resources for ordering T-shirts:

How important is school spirit?

woman wearing a school lanyards for teachers with custom school polo

School spirit can be crucial for good educational outcomes. Students who take pride in their school are more likely to perform better academically, according to research. Kids of all ages caught up in school spirit are often more socially engaged and happy.

Creating an atmosphere of school spirit can have a lasting effect on students. Organizing giveaways, raffles and awards for good behavior, attendance or academic achievements can help incentivize them to perform better.

Merchandise for school can also be used to motivate teachers by celebrating anniversaries and recognizing excellence in work performance. The options are really limitless.

Help your school pass the spirit test

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Creating a sense of unity and school spirit is vital to the success of your educational institution. School swag printed with your name and mascot are perfect for building community, motivation and team spirit.

Customized items unique to your school create a lasting and powerful relationship within your community. Best of all, it’s a cost-effective way to invest in your school and incentivize students and staff to put their best foot forward.

So, browse our site for school swag and get your community excited about the future!

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