Bank promotional products help financial institutions stay relevant and top of mind in today’s fast-paced world.

That’s why so many banks, mortgage lenders, investment firms and credit unions turn to customized swag as a cost-effective means to promote brand visibility and create a lasting impression.

Bank promotional products perform in tough times

promotional pens for a bank

Inflation and an uncertain economy in 2023 have made bank customers unsure who to trust with their finances.

A recent study by J.D. Power showed the percentage of customers with $10,000 or more in primary bank deposit balances has fallen 16 percentage points. The same study noted that 9 percent more customers were considered “financially unhealthy.”

In these troubling economic times, it’s easy to understand why people are hesitant to hand over their hard-earned money to just any financial institution. Customers are looking for dependability and consistency. They want a bank or credit union they recognize and trust.

That’s why it’s important to frequently use your business name and logo to promote yourself. Incorporating the logo of your bank, credit card company or accounting firm in all your communications helps build brand recognition and credibility.

Financial promotional products can be key in building the trust you need. Custom swag is excellent for engaging clients and promoting a cohesive brand that resonates with the finance audience. Fortunately, marketing strategies for banks that use promotional products are seemingly endless.

Promotional product ideas for the finance industry

Let’s explore the top bank promotional products used to keep banking and finance professionals ahead of the competition.

General finance giveaway items for clients

woman holding car keys with customized keychain

Basic promotional gifts and giveaways can be used by accountants, tax preparers and other finance firms to build client relationships. Consider keeping a basket of personalized giveaways in your lobby for potential customers.

Here are a few basic, budget-friendly promotional items to customize with your name and logo:

High-end finance gifts for clients

Keep those clients, investors and board members feeling like part of your organization by presenting them with generous tokens of appreciation:

Bank promotional products for staff and new hires

Your bank employees and financial advisors deserve acknowledgement to stay focused. According to PPAI, 62 percent of employees feel appreciated by their employer when given a promotional product.

Keep everyone happy and feeling like part of the team with affordable gifts, awards and incentives. These items can be used for Employee Appreciation Day, work anniversaries and special achievements:

Target younger clients with tech accessories

mobile charging power bank with cell phone

Technology and mobile giveaway items can help financial institutions expand their brand to a younger demographic. Bank swag such as phone chargers, selfie lights and blue light glasses are especially popular with younger audiences who are accustomed to digital devices.

Tech products and accessories provide an excellent opportunity to promote a company’s brand to a wider population.

Enjoy low-cost marketing with finance giveaways

In an unstable economy, customers aren’t the only ones worried about their financial wellbeing. Banks and other finance businesses also struggle with tight budgets. Marketing methods can be expensive and some simply don’t work as well as promotional items.

A promotional product with your name, logo or message can receive thousands of impressions during its lifetime.

Take a look at the average number of impressions made by our most popular promo items:

impressions per lifetime for different promotional products

Since many promotional items at Totally Promotional cost less than $1 each, you can reap incredibly effective and affordable advertising!

Give your financial organization a marketing boost

promotional stainless steel tumbler on a desk

Promotional products are a powerful and cost-effective way for banking and finance professionals to promote brand identity and create lasting connections with clients, employees and prospects.

By leveraging promotional giveaways and gifts, financial institutions can keep their name in front of customers longer in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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