The real estate industry heavily relies on promotional products to gain clients and win their trust.

A 2023 survey revealed there are nearly 1.2 million real estate sales and brokerage businesses in the U.S. today. That means the competition to sell and buy homes is fierce.

No wonder the real estate industry is one of the top buyers of promotional items.

In the world of real estate, standing out from the competition is crucial. From branding to client retention, real estate agents need to invest in marketing initiatives that will make lasting impressions. One tool that has gained immense popularity in recent years for its cost-effective nature and versatility is promotional merchandise.

Let’s dive into the world of promotional merchandise and explore the impact it can have on your real estate business.

Why promotional items work for real estate agents

person holding a key fob with a custom key chain

Promotional products are low-cost marketing tools that can be used in multiple ways. Custom swag gives Realtors® plenty of options to expose their name and logo without crushing their budget.

Boosting your business with real estate promotional items like custom keychains, fridge magnets and printed pens helps you attract customers and build trust. Handing out practical products to potential clients shows your generosity, sincerity and thoughtfulness.

Many of the custom products at Totally Promotional have a long shelf-life, which means potential clients will see your name and logo for months or even years. That’s fiscally smart advertising.

Here are a few of the many ways promotional products are used by real estate agents:

Real estate branding

Brand awareness should be a fundamental goal for all types of businesses and the real estate industry is no exception. Promotional merchandise with your real estate logo can significantly increase brand recognition for your business.

Whether your logo is printed on corporate shirts for your staff to wear or on bulk chip clips to hand out at festivals, customized swag gives people a reason to remember you. And they’ll think of you in a positive way when they receive an unexpected gift.

Giving someone a customized phone wallet at an open house might not convince them to buy a home or commercial building that day. But your branding effort is likely to pay off later when your services are needed.

Client retention

customized koozie mailed in an envelope

It’s not easy growing a client list in today’s real estate market. If you’re successful, it’s imperative to keep those connections. Promotional merchandise can be an effective way to do this.

A simple method for keeping in touch with clients is to mail them a small gift such as a Premium Collapsible Foam Can Cooler. Stuff one in an envelope with your most recent home listings and mail it as a friendly surprise. Koozies are inexpensive and typically require just two postage stamps to mail!

Gifting clients with personalized items reminds them you’re still out there and ready for their business. This also improves the likelihood of referrals; happy clients won’t hesitate to send their family and friends your way.

Open house success

Hosting an open house is an opportunity to personally engage potential buyers and collect leads. Promotional items left on a table for visitors to take helps create a friendly atmosphere. When printed with your name and logo, swag also serves as business cards for your company.

Need promotional ideas for your next open house? Try this: Fill a basket in the kitchen area with giveaways such as Silicone Spatulas, Measuring Spoons or 5-in. Flower Rubber Jar Openers. Nearby, place prepackaged snacks and a stack of flyers with details about the home.

Learn more by reading our blog on great open house ideas for real estate agents.

Potential buyers will welcome freebies. They’re also more likely to stay a bit longer, ask questions and get acquainted with your company.

Employment ads and incentives

customized banner outside a business for an open house

Promotional merchandise can also be used to hire new Realtors® and other office staff. Items such as promo pens, notebooks and mouse pads can be branded with your company logo and given to job applicants at career fairs.

Personalized giveaways aren’t the only promotional tools you can use to attract employees. Hang a custom banner outside your office to let everyone know you’re hiring. Have your banner printed with information for sending resumes or asking questions.

Gifts for new homeowners

customized refrigerator magnet for realtor

In many areas across the country, real estate agents give small gifts to clients when handing over the keys to their new house. It’s a nice way to thank them for trusting you to handle one of the most important purchases they’ll ever make.

Here are a few custom gift ideas for new homeowners:

Shop real estate industry promotions!

Use the expert advice from this post — and a few of our slogan ideas to print! — to strengthen your real estate marketing efforts. Keep advertising costs to a minimum and gain long-term brand exposure with promotional products that attract and keep clients.

Take a look at the growing list of promotional merchandise at Totally Promotional. You’ll find the right products at the right price to make the sale!

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